Snort is the latest entrant to Hyderabad's nightlife scene and we're loving its multi-cuisine menu and all-white décor 

This new restaurant, located in HITEC City, serves everything from Hummus and Pita Bread to Sambar Rice. 

A Harini Prasad Published :  20th July 2018 02:49 PM   |   Published :   |  20th July 2018 02:49 PM
Paneer tikka photo

Tulsi Aur Lal Mirchi Ka Paneer Tikka

The newly opened restaurant Snort has the attention of party-goers who want to enjoy Palakura Pappu with their drink, seated in private cabanas. We are curious to check out its décor and more importantly, find out why it is named so.“It’s a catchy word, don’t you think so?” asks C Suryanath, owner of the two-week-old outlet. “It is a word you won’t forget easily,” he adds.

Caught in the cabana!

As we walk into the swanky space, we spot half a dozen cabanas and a few palm trees placed in strategic locations. If you ignore the stone chips (which forms the flooring), the setup will remind you of the cabanas where Samantha Jones and her friends party in Sex and The City 2 in Abu Dhabi. At Snort, each cabana offers a cosy cushion-seating for a group of 10. And the best part? They open up to the night sky. On one end is a huge projector screen that is situated behind the decks (quite literally) making it one of the largest in the city. “Imagine watching the FIFA World Cup on that, or specially-made visuals accompanied by a DJ’s energetic set. This whole setup is for parties. Also, the seating arrangement assures our patrons enough privacy unlike other pubs,” shares Suryanath. While the rest of the place has an all-white décor, the surface bar, situated at the entrance adds colour to the place with its blue hexagonal tiles. There’s also an air-conditioned section, which can be reserved for private occasions or for families, who prefer a fine-dining experience, away from the loud music outside.

Falafel served with Hummus and Pita Bread

We start off with their welcome drink — a pineapple and litchi juice. As we sip on the sweet concoction, the first dish arrives —Tulsi Aur Lal Mirchi Ka Paneer Tikka. The paneer pieces are tender-cooked with crispy corners. The dish has just the right amount of spices — a perfect accompaniment for the refreshing drink. After a good start to the meal, the Falafel served with Hummus and Pita Bread disappoints us. Although the bread is soft, the hummus could’ve been a little more flavourful. However, the Barbeque Chicken Wings, served next, makes up for the former. A few bites and we’re convinced that they are one of the city’s best. The highlight of this dish is the subtly sweet barbecue sauce, which makes it almost addictive and we couldn’t just stop at one! 

Barbeque Chicken Wings

Our dinner comes to a rather dramatic finish and no, we’re not talking about a dessert, but an entrée —
Atta Chicken. Although it doesn’t beat the wings in taste, its the method of preparation that excites us. The meat is first slow-cooked and later wrapped in a banana leaf. It is then covered in wheat dough before a shot of vodka is sprinkled over it and lit till the chicken inside is roasted. It is then that the laboriously cooked Atta Chicken is served. This dish, quite like the classic tandoori chicken has a slight hint of smokey flavour so not everyone might find it palatable. 

Atta Chicken

Price for two: Rs. 2,000. At HITEC City. 

Pics: Vinay Madapu