From Pandi Curry to Kadambuttu, Kodagu introduces Coorg's cuisine to Hyderabadis

It boasts of unique flavours with a distinct taste - simmered spices, slow-cooked meat paired with puttus (rice preparation). 

Paulami Sen Published :  15th September 2020 06:25 PM   |   Published :   |  15th September 2020 06:25 PM

Thatte idli

The emerging food trends in the city where cloud kitchens introduce newer micro cuisines has been a rather positive coincidence during the lockdown. Otherwise unexplored dishes from smaller regions with local produce have been making a foray into the City of Nizams. Take, for instance, the newly-opened outlet Kodagu. They are now delivering a select few no-nonsense delicacies all inspired by Kodava cuisine from Coorg. It boasts of unique flavours with a distinct taste - simmered spices, slow-cooked meat paired with puttus (rice preparation). 

Koli Curry

Founder Sateesh Polkam says he and his family fell in love with the dishes from this part of Karnataka once they visited in 2012. “While we started experimenting since then it took us eight long years and lots of courage to take the plunge,” he reminisces. The plan came to fruition when he got a break from my work due to the pandemic.  “At the moment, we are only delivering orders placed online. However, we have been getting a lot of encouragement and wouldn’t mind looking at a venue in the next one year,” he says.

In the mood for Kodava cuisine?

Sateesh mentions that he and his team work on keeping the taste as authentic as possible. We do understand that the essentials of the Coorgi cuisine is very much intact and recognise the distinct flavours like that of pepper, ginger and garlic and the quintessential kachampuli (a reduction similar to balsamic vinegar). The cooking time for these dishes remains rather slow. They simmer in the spices as a result, the meat dishes are more flavourful and tender. Take their Pandi Curry (pork) for instance. That is easily the highlight of the menu. It is cooked-well and goes easily with the big thatte idlis - which as the word suggests in Kannada, would fill up your whole plate because of its sheer size. The flavourful curry with the melt-in-your-mouth idli makes for a good match without being overwhelming or spicy.

If you prefer chicken, opt for their Koli Curry. We love the succulent nature of the chicken, soaked in coconut-based masalas. The spices are subtle and never unnecessarily hot. You can also eat it with the Kadambuttu - Steamed Rice Dumplings, with coconut shreds. The hidden coconut bits add a slight sweetness that tempers the spices in the koli curry well. However, if you like pork, you must give Kodagu’s Pork Ribs a shot! It tears easy from the bone and is easily one of the top picks from their selection. 

Price for two - Rs 600.

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