Review: F3 Cafe & Bistro in Sainikpuri offers cosy interiors, paan-inspired mocktails and Mexican pizzas

The menu is elaborate including Mediterranean, Asian, Indian and Continental with an array of drinks as well.

A Harini Prasad Published :  16th August 2019 10:00 AM   |   Published :   |  16th August 2019 10:00 AM
Mexican Pizza

Mexican Pizza. Pics: S Senbagapandiyan

As we are headed to F3 Café & Bistro in Sainikpuri, we have our doubts about what this new outlet would have to offer, considering cafés in this locality are a dime a dozen. However, as we make our way into the premises, we’re pleasantly surprised to notice that the interior is different from the other cafés in this area. The 120-seater boasts urban décor — think bookshelves, planters, boards about ‘good food day’, rustic brick walls and both cosy cushioned sofas and bar stools. Also, there are three sections — air conditioned, outdoor and rooftop.

Take a sip
We are ushered in by owners Gurpreet Singh Bagga and Rachna Bagga, who belong to the family that also owns the popular Royal Reve Hotel in Secunderabad. “F3 stands for fun, food and friends. The idea was to have a place that allows people to hangout for a while, celebrate their birthdays or just pick a book from the shelf and read,” shares Rachna. Rightly so, the menu is elaborate including Mediterranean, Asian, Indian and Continental with an array of drinks as well — this is another aspect that makes F3 stand out — for being one of the few places in Sainikpuri that cover various cuisines. By now, we’re excited to see what’s in store for the tasting session.


On cue, the first drink makes its way to our table. Inspired by the local paan flavours, Paan-e-Khass is apt for a sunny afternoon, which comes with refreshing bits of betel leaves and lemons. The other mocktails have distinct ingredients as well. For instance, curry leaves-inspired Tadakta Bhadakta and pomegranate-based Pomerita.

Notes on nachos
The drinks are followed by a neatly arranged plate of what seems to be garlic bread. “This is Godzilla Garlic. It’s a bigger version of garlic bread with more spices,” informs Rachna. The fluffy and long slices of bread topped with corn and jalapenos make it spicy yet delicious.

Godzilla Garlic Bread

The Veg Nachos is what you expect it to be — an overload of tangy beans with cheese. Made in-house, the slender nacho chips are longer than regular ones. If you’re looking for a healthier option, opt for F3 Special Salad — a mix of fresh fruits and veggies including apples, lettuce and broccoli. There’s also a section dedicated to soups, burgers, sandwiches and a variety of preparations with eggs.

Veg Nachos

From the mains, we sample Mexican Pizza. Layers of corn tortillas are piled with well-cooked beans and veggies and baked with cheese — delicious and filling. Veg Overloaded Pizza has a thin crust with toppings of olives, broccoli, paneer and bell peppers giving it the perfect flavour range.

Veg Overload Pizza

In the rice variants, we love Taco Bowl. A crispy a taco filled with chicken and tangy sauce sits on a portion of herbed rice.

Taco Bowl

The meal ends with a Chocolate Spring Roll and Chocolate Lasagna. While the former is crusty with hot and thick chocolate oozing out of the roll, the latter has layers of chocolate cake — so soft that they melt away in your mouth.

Price for two: Rs.600.