Review: Aura Cafe’s new menu offers fusion varieties like popcorn coffee, ragi pizzas and more

There’s also a breakfast section (covering West Asian, Continental and Parsi), available since 9 am.

A Harini Prasad Published :  06th December 2019 01:00 AM   |   Published :   |  06th December 2019 01:00 AM
Spaghetti Zucchini

Spaghetti Zucchini

The last time we visited Aura Café in Jubilee Hills a year ago, we were impressed with the way it celebrated food: “To enjoy what you eat, you have to put your sight, sense of smell, taste, touch to good use,” Sheshank Kumar, (who launched the outlet with his brother Sharukh Kumar), had told us. As they launched a new menu, we were eager to see what’s in store for us, this time.

Picture by R Satish Babu

As we reach the outlet, Sheshank ushers us in and says, “The idea has always been to offer healthy and exotic food covering cuisines from across the world. We use ingredients from our own gourmet store. With the new menu, we have added a lot more authentic and nutritious options, promising great taste and quality.”

What’s special today?
While the interiors of the café remain the same, we spot a ‘Specials’ board that has everyday varieties listed. The rather elaborate menu has a long list of drinks covering juices, coffee, tea and shakes. You can also make your own drink by choosing a base, key ingredients (think bubblegum and chocolate) and toppings as well. There’s also a breakfast section (covering West Asian, Continental and Parsi), available since 9 am. “We spent about two months on research before we finalised this menu. The chef travelled to various countries to taste the local palate and bring home authentic recipes. We’ve also added Parsi cuisine and a few local favourites, while retaining a couple of hit dishes like Beef Burger,” Sheshank adds, as we spot a hot cup of coffee making its way to the table.

Popcorn Coffee

The Popcorn Flavoured Coffee is comforting — the perfect companion to your brekkie. The flavour of popcorn is well balanced with the milky, freshly brewed cappuccino. If you’re on a diet, try the Cleanser — a drink made of cucumber, carrot, green apple and honey.


Pass the pasta
Spaghetti Zucchini is certainly our favourite from the main course section. A bowl of soft spaghetti is cooked in pink sauce with tender and finely cut zucchini — tangy and delicious. Next, we opt for the new Ragi Pizza variation — Butter Chicken. Initially, we are sceptical of the taste of the base, but we’re pleasantly surprised that the flavour of ragi doesn’t overpower. It just as crisp as a regular crust and the butter chicken gravy topping with succulent pieces has us licking our fingers!

Butter Chicken Ragi Pizza

Although the starters and main course can get overwhelming, we suggest you save some space for desserts. The café has an array of choices including Brown Rice Kheer and a sampler as well — comprising macaroon, cookie, fudge brownie and homemade ice cream.


You can also customise your dishes — gluten-free or add some truffle oil. We vow to return to Aura Café for the homemade ice creams and popcorn coffee!


Price for two: Rs.950.