Review: Here's why the desserts and aromatic teas at Feranoz Patisserie and Cafe in Hyderabad are a must try 

This new cafe in Hyderabad is rather quaint from the outside every time, and the first thing it reminds us are of European tearooms, one that we have seen in movies and read about in classics.

Paulami Sen Published :  20th June 2019 06:43 PM   |   Published :   |  20th June 2019 06:43 PM
Feranoz Patisserie and Cafe in Hyderabad

The Pinterest-worthy Feranoz.

Feranoz pâtisserie and café in Zehra Nagar looks rather quaint from the outside every time, and the first thing it reminds us are of European tearooms, one that we have seen in movies and read about in classics. Quite Pinterest-worthy, we must say. As we walk through pretty glass doors, with frames of pastel green, our affable hosts Ameen and Hossein Barazandeh usher us in. The two brothers from Secunderabad share, almost in unison, “It was after years of brainstorming sessions and research that Feranoz was built.” With that in mind, Hossein even took up courses in pastry making in Dubai and France. Meanwhile, Ameen who studied engineering quit his job and took up a course in pastry making too.


A pretty picture
As we chat with the Barazandeh brothers, sipping on our Mountain Rose Tea, taking in the heady aroma of jasmine and cardamom, we can’t help but ask where they get their quaint crockery from. “It is from Japan,” informs Ameen. There’s no dearth of charming things in this café, as you find a quiet corner to enjoy the desserts and the coffee. We love the paintings, which seems like tributes to all things Parisian. The décor is minimal, apart from the chandelier that hangs at the centre of the café, immediately grabbing your attention.


Love in the layers
As we anticipate a fine spread, the first dessert that we are presented is luscious, red and comes in the shape of a heart! Called Rosso, it is made of vanilla mousse, raspberry compote and vanilla sponge. Although we were rather sceptical about the colour and the glaze initially, we changed our minds as we took our first bite. Several layers add to the richness, albeit subtly. Make sure to scoop it out with the thin layer in the end for that added bit of crunch. After relishing the Rosso till its last bite, we pick up their Blueberry Cheesecake.



This classic has a luxurious mouthfeel, which is even better because the taste of blueberry is not as overpowering as we expected it to be. We suggest you pick up one of their croissants if you want to take a break from all things sweet. Their Chicken Ham Croissant, a flaky buttery croissant layered with chicken ham, chipotle sauce and mozzarella cheese will do the trick. If you are more of a chocolate person, we recommend their Rocher — served with the goodness of hazelnut chocolate sponge, hazelnut praline disc and Choco Hazelnut Gianduja mousse, finished with nutty chocolate gourmand glaze and French biscuits called Feuilletine. As our sweet sojourn was nearing the end, we decided that leaving without tasting the Brownie Frappe might later result in regrets. The drink with double shot espresso, topped with ice-cream and brownies might not be as imaginative as the desserts but was certainly quite comforting. If not this, this place will have us come back for the desserts pretty often. 

Price for two: `600.

Photos: Sathya Keerthi