Sushi and Siblinghood: Enjoy a Rakshabandhan Soiree at Wakai’s with your siblings

The heart of Wakai lies in its array of sushi rolls, each representing a different aspect of siblinghood.
Wakai at Khar West
Wakai at Khar West

This Rakshabandhan, Wakai, the quintessential Japanese fine dining destination in Khar, presents an enchanting soiree that harmonises the art of Japanese gastronomy with the profound sentiments of familial love. As the sun sets and casts its warm glow on Khar’s culinary landscape, Wakai’s Rakshabandhan celebration emerges as a symphony of flavours and emotions, inviting diners to immerse themselves in an experience where the joy of fine dining seamlessly melds with the cherished bonds that define family.

Wakai is a testament to the restaurant’s commitment to creating experiences that are not only culinary but also deeply meaningful. The event transports diners to a realm where the delicate intricacies of Japanese cuisine intertwine with the profound emotion of sibling connections. Each dish served during this celebration is meticulously crafted to symbolise the diverse facets of these relationships – from the bold and resilient to the tender and nurturing.


The heart of Wakai lies in its array of sushi rolls, each representing a different aspect of siblinghood. Just as the combination of ingredients in sushi creates a harmonious blend of flavours, so do the various qualities of sibling relationships come together to form a complete and unique bond. From robust sushi rolls symbolising protective siblings to delicate ones signifying nurturing sisters, as well as a wide range of Sashimi, Sushi, GYOZA, Ramen Bowl and Nigiri will be served to intricate perfection at Wakai Khar. The menu is a reflection of the intricacies of familial connections.

Wakai invites everyone to be a part of this memorable evening where the pleasures of fine dining unite with the bonds that define family. Celebrate Rakshabandhan at Wakai to experience the fusion of flavours, the warmth of togetherness, and the celebration of siblinghood like never before.

From 12pm onwards.
At Plot No 490, Pooja house building, MANGAL SANDESH, 490, 17th Rd, Khar, Khar West, Mumbai.  

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