What's cooking in Nava Mumbai's new a la carte menu?

Chef Akash Deshpande along with Founder Anushka Pathak have launched a new ala carte food menu
Nava's Kokum Prawns
Nava's Kokum Prawns

Nava /naa-vaa/
new, innovative

Food is not just food, it’s art. If you are the one who believes in this too, then this restaurant might be one of the right fit for you. Keeping true to its name, Nava, Bandra’s ingredient-focused restaurant, comes up with a new menu every season, celebrating local flavours. This time, we got a chance to taste their all-new a-la-carte menu, which redefines modern European cuisine by using local and seasonal ingredients.


Our walk through the gallery of flavours began with some Tart featuring Mushroom pate, roasted portobello and chive caviar on the vegetarians’ wing and Kokum Prawns with Tiger prawns and kokum & coconut sauce on the non-vegetarians’ wing.  The mushroom tart just melted in our mouth with its creamy-textured richness, while the prawns made us wish we could cook the dish and impress our mothers with this innovative addition of kokum flavour. You can also try out some of our other favourites like Gnocchi, Bok Choy Tacos and Bun Maska, which would take you down Mumbai’s Irani café-era nostalgic lane with fragrant tea-kissed pork broth and a savoury pork bun.

<em>Bok Choy Tacos</em>
Bok Choy Tacos

For the mains, we went with our favourite pasta, Fagotini. The housemade pasta was filled with ice apple fruit and goat cheese accompanied by chimichurri in spirit. It tastes just like it sounds — simple, elegant, yummy and something that would leave you craving for more. You can also try some of their signature dishes like Yam Canale, Duck Cones., Pappardelle and Ceramelle, Seabass Main Course & Michelangelo’s Creation of Adam, which will make you believe in our thought that food is art with chef Akash Deshpande as the artist Nava.

<em>Chef Akash Deshpande with Founder Anushka Pathak</em>
Chef Akash Deshpande with Founder Anushka Pathak

The cocktail menu at Nava is not just about drinks, it's also a tribute to iconic artists, poets, and authors. Each cocktail is crafted to capture the essence of their creativity and the historical connections between artists and alcohol. The menu takes patrons on a cultural journey inspired by the lives and works of these great artists. It's an immersive experience that lets you explore the nuances of taste and aroma while toasting the enduring legacy of artistic brilliance.

Time - 12 pm – 3:30 pm, 7 pm – 11:30 pm
Address: 2nd Floor, Suburbia Building, SV Road, Linking Road, Bandra West, Mumbai
Meal for two: approximately INR 2,500 (excluding alcohol)

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