ITC Hotels Mumbai's feel-good menu is hearty and healthy

ITC Maratha's newly launched Feel-Good menu lays emphasis on the ancient practice of slow cooking using local and seasonal ingredients

Heena Khandelwal Published :  08th July 2021 05:08 PM   |   Published :   |  08th July 2021 05:08 PM
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(L-R, clockwise) Doodhi Kofta Saalan, Kacchi Haldi Paratdar Paratha, Dhua Chaas, Amla ki Launji, Murgh Moringa and Muletthi Badam Kheer

Ever had doodhi (bottle gourd) so well prepared that you couldn’t help but finish it, completely ignoring other delicacies on the table? This happened to us last weekend when we tried Doodhi Kofta Saalan by ITC Hotels Mumbai. 

A part of their newly launched Feel-Good menu, which lays emphasis on the ancient practice of slow cooking using local and seasonal produce and incorporating immunity-boosting ingredients, the saalan was a rich onion yoghurt gravy with tender bottle gourd dumplings. The dominant flavours of first-pressed mustard oil blended well with the richness of masalas making this dish finger-licking good. We savoured it with whole wheat flatbreads. The paranthas though were slightly underwhelming because of the notes of raw turmeric that was sprinkled all over. However, the pairing of saalan and parantha was too delectable so there wasn't much to complain. The Kacchi Haldi Tahri (pulao) also had similar raw turmeric notes, but it wasn't too dominating on the palate!

Murgh Moringa

Another dish that definitely caught our attention was the Murgh Moringa, a chicken drumstick curry. Chicken and drumstick combination may seem like unheard of but it's a familiar dish from South Indian cuisines. The chicken was well-cooked and succulent, and the drumsticks were truly umami. The underlying flavour of coconut cream made this dish a hit. One of the sides was the Amla ki Launji, an in-house murabba-like preserve made from Indian gooseberries, that was served with the main course. Flavoured with black onion seed and fennel, it was mildly sweet and complemented all the dishes.

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We concluded our meal with Muletthi Badam Kheer. Although we were quite apprehensive of eating barley with liquorice in it, it was a dish that truly surprised us. It wasn’t overwhelmingly sweet, and barley turned out to be a great proxy for rice.

Why do we say that you should try this new menu? A conscious effort has been taken to use ingredients that positively affect our health, and it's been curated and cooked with so much care that taste and flavours have not been compromised at all! So an extra helping of the kheer was more than welcome, although we were quite full. 

Muletthi Badam Kheer
Muletthi Badam Kheer

Consciously yours: The food comes packed in environment-friendly corrugated paper boxes, carrying detailed but easy instructions regarding its consumption and re-heating.
Price: Rs 1150 onwards for two
Availability: The menu is available at ITC Grand Central and ITC Maratha. Can be ordered via ITC App, Swiggy, Zomato or by calling the hotels directly.