National Cereal Day: 3 unusual cereal-based breakfast recipes you can try at home

Cereal-brate the day with these unique twists on the breakfast champ!
Image Credits: Pexels
Image Credits: Pexels

Hold your bowls high, cereal lovers! For, it is a day to celebrate the breakfast staple we all know and love. National Cereal Day (March 7), dedicated to our go-to breakfast option, gives us the perfect excuse to ditch the routine and whip up a bowl of something cereal-bratory! Ever since the birth of Granula in the 1860s, cereals have growingly become one of the most popular breakfast options across the world. Over the years, they have also transcended into munchy, bedtime snacks.

But who says you can only have cereals the run-of-the-mill way paired with milk or yoghurt. Today, we bring you three unusual, chef-approved cereal recipes that you can prepare in your very own kitchen!

Homemade Cereal Granola (Sugar - Free)

Chef Cyrus Daniels, Corporate Chef at Ouro in Bengaluru, brings an easy-to-make cereal granola to the table. And the best part? This crunchy grain mixture is sugar-free!


(For the granola)

Coconut slice: 100 gms

Rolled oats: 400 gms

Almond: 100 gms

Pistachio: 100 gms

Pumpkin seeds: 100 gms

Sunflower seeds: 100 gms

Flax seeds: 15 gms

Raisins: 250 gms

(For the liquid sauce)

Coconut oil: 32 gms

Liquid jaggery: 100 gms

Cinnamon powder: 15 gms

Clove powder: 3 gms

Himalayan salt: 6 gms


Except for raisins, mix all the other ingredients for the granola and bake at 170 degrees Celsius for 10 minutes.

Once baked, add the raisins.

Make a liquid sauce with coconut oil, liquid jaggery, cinnamon powder, clove powder and Himalayan salt.

Add the liquid sauce to the granola and mix it.

Millets and Super Seed Crunch

Craving a delightful crunch that’s good for your gut and leaves your tastebuds wanting more? Look no further! Chef Soundar from Sheraton Grand Bengaluru Whitefield Hotel & Convention Center knows just what it takes to hit the right crunch!


Quinoa flakes: 40 gms

Buckwheat groats: 40 gms

Fox tail millet: 30 gms

Amaranth seeds: 20 gms

Sorghum: 30 gms

Pumpkin seeds: 20 gms

Sunflower seeds: 20 gms

Flax seeds: 20 gms

Chia seeds: 20 gms

Pomegranate seeds: 20 gms

Chopped almonds: 15 gms

Chopped walnuts: 15 gms

Dried Apricots: 15 gms

Dried cranberries: 15 gms

Dates: 15 gms

Honey or Jaggery: 15 gms

Blueberries: 15 gms


Roast the quinoa flakes, buckwheat groats, fox tail millets, amaranth seeds and sorghum. Keep it aside.

Then, roast all the super seeds and keep them aside in a bowl.

Lastly, chop the nuts and dry fruits.

Mix all the ingredients in a bowl. Add honey or jaggery and mix thoroughly.

Preheat your oven to 175 degrees Celsius.

Then, bake the mix in the preheated oven for 8-10 minutes.

Once it cools, transfer to an airtight container.

Take a bowl, add yoghurt, add that crunch and finally garnish with blueberries.

Multi-Cereal Bar

Chef G Manivannan from Renaissance Bengaluru Race Course Hotel takes on your regular breakfast cereal and transforms it into a delightful, crunchy, grab-and-go multi-cereal bar!


Oats: 840 gms

Cashew nuts: 420 gms

Chopped dates: 540 gms

Chia seeds: 20 gms

Sunflower seeds: 20 gms

Pumpkin seeds: 20 gms

Multigrain mix: 200 gms

Maple syrup: 80 ml

Peanut butter: 60 gms


Dry roast all the dry ingredients for 10 minutes at 180 degrees Celsius and keep it at room temperature.

In a heavy-bottomed pan, on slow flame, heat the maple syrup and peanut butter.

Once the butter melts and mixes with maple syrup, bring this mix to 80 degrees Celsius and turn off the heat.

Add the dry ingredients and mix well and evenly.

In a square cake mould (8*8 inches), place a butter paper and spread the seed mix, press well and flatten and chill it in the refrigerator for 1 hour.

Lastly, remove the entire block from the mould, cut it into 1-inch square pieces and serve at room temperature.

(Written by Subhashini Ramasamy)

Image Credits: Pexels
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