Let this Japanese festival delicacy wipe away your Monday morning blues

Here's how you can make a bowl of Hiyashi Chukka
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If you are planning what to do to make your Monday morning blues vanish, then take a cue from Head Chef Saurabh Sharan from Guppy, a Japanese kitchen & Bar by Olive Group of restaurants and make this combo from their ongoing Hanami festival menu.

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Hiyashi Chukka


Ramen Noodle Blanched -100gm

Honey Dew Melon-25gm

Cucumber -25gm

Crab sticks 2 no

Desheled Prawn -1 no

Wakame sea weed -1 tea spoon

For sauce

Stock -200ml

Soy sauce-30ml

Rice vinegar 30ml

Sesame oil -5ml

Breakfast sugar -40gm

Sesame seed -5gm

Japanese mustard paste-2gm


Soak Wakame in water for 5 minutes and Squeeze dry.

Peel and slice cucumber and melon into baton shape

Shread crab stick in thin strands.

Blanch prawn and marinate in sauce for 10 minutes

Chill blanched Ramen in ice water for 5 minutes.

For sauce heat stock in a pan. Add soy and breakfast sugar mix till sugar dissolves. Cool and add rice vinegar and; sesame oil. Chill in freezer till needed.

Chill a noodle plate for 15 minutes in freezer. Drain water and heap chilled noodles in center. Arrange all the toppings neatly.

Pour chilled sauce on top and garnish with sesame seeds.

Serve chilled with Japanese mustard paste.

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