Newest pizza joints in Bengaluru and Mumbai that you should try out ahead of World Pizza Day

Calling out lovers for all things cheesy and Italian!
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Say whatever you may, but you never need to excuse for a good pizza. Whether you are headed out with a bunch of friends for a quick bite or meeting your Tinder date for the first time, the humble pizza is always a great conversation starter and one delicacy that can make you do the happy dance.

And if you are someone who loves all things cheesy and Italian, World Pizza Day on February 9 is just the occasion to relish these scrumptious slices. Below, we have listed down new pizza joints, one in Mumbai and another in Bengaluru, that you must add to your food wishlist. Say mamma mia!

The Greedyman Pizzeria, Mumbai

The Greedyman Pizzeria has landed in Mumbai like a meteor of cheesy goodness. We have been told that this is a place where pizza dreams come true, pasta parties never end and midnight cravings meet their match. Imagine sinking your teeth into The Double Pepperoni, a pizza so loaded with meaty goodness that'll make you glad you didn't start that diet. If not this, then how about embarking on a flavour adventure with the Tex-Mex Artisan, where every bite is a spicy fiesta in your mouth? Can somebody say olé?

What sets the pizza joint apart from the rest is that they don't have any curfews or closing hours. They keep the ovens blazing until the sun peeks over the horizon, serving up some drool-worthy pasta and pizzas to satisfy the late-night cravings. 

Pizza 4P’s, Bengaluru

This newly opened pizza destination is strategically located in the bustling Indiranagar. Here, you can find artisanal pizza options blending the culinary excellence of Japan and Vietnam with Indian flavours. Their Japanese-inspired pizzas are like a flavour explosion. We love a classic pepperoni but a fancy Japanese-inspired pizza never hurt anyone. Crafted with love and care, this pizza starts where any good pizza should start, with the cheese.

Made from their locally sourced milk, this cheese is stretchy and fresh and topped with their homemade Teriyaki sauce and tender pieces of chicken. Their Salmon Miso Cream Pizza pays homage to Japanese miso. A thin and crispy crust layers with a creamy miso sauce and topped with melt-in-your-mouth slices of premium salmon. Additionally, they even have a cheese room. 

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