Winter wonderland delights: A gastronomic journey through Delhi's seasonal street foods

The Paranthe Wali Gali in Old Delhi presents a treasure trove of paranthas with diverse fillings
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Winter in Delhi transforms its streets into a food lover’s haven, offering a delightful array of flavours, from the renowned Daulat ki Chaat to the savoury Ram Laddoo.

Daulat ki Chaat, despite its name, is a distinct sweet dish. Crafted exclusively during winter, this milk-based delight undergoes meticulous preparation. After combining milk and cream, the mixture is left outside to collect dew overnight. It is then thoroughly churned for hours, and the resulting foam is served with pistachios, almond shavings, khoya crumbles, and saffron, creating one of Delhi's most delectable winter treats.

Shakarkandi, or sweet potato chaat, dominates the streets during this season. Sliced, cooked, and seasoned with various spices and lemon juice, this unexpected delight offers a tasty, healthy, and sweet-and-sour snack experience.

Nihari, a hearty meat dish prepared in the traditional desi way, steals the show on cold days. Old Delhi's Nihari, featuring slow-cooked buffalo or goat meat with royal spices, served over soft Khamiri roti, is a breakfast favourite leaving a lasting impression.

The Paranthe Wali Gali in Old Delhi presents a treasure trove of paranthas with diverse fillings. From Manchurian parantha to Rabri parantha, these oil-fried or roasted pancakes, filled with potatoes, peas, pork, and more, brighten winter days.

Kanji, a fermented drink with beetroot and carrots, enriched with spices, is a refreshing winter beverage known for its nutritional benefits.

Sweet Indian recipes, such as badam ka halwa, gaajar ka halwa, and moong dal halwa, take centre stage in winter. Their rich ingredients, sticky sweetness, and aromatic flavours make them perfect for the season.

Pakode, or fried fritters, a winter staple, offer a crunchy delight. From vegetable and meat pakodas to paneer and cheese pakodas, they are a must-have for winter gatherings.

Finally, the aromatic Dudh Jalebi fills the air as freshly baked jalebis attract passersby. Paired with steaming milk, these hot jalebis provide a delightful treat with a saffron hue, delivering a crunchy sweetness and a long-lasting aftertaste. Winter in Delhi is truly a feast for the sense

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