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author_img Ashok Pandian Published :  12th November 2021 06:05 PM   |   Published :   |  12th November 2021 06:05 PM
Newest gadgets in the market this week

Newest gadgets in the market this week

On this week’s list of gadgets, we have desk speaker from Aiwa, wireless over-ear headphones from JBL, Kent’s Wi-Fi camera that comes with smart AI support and a 360 degree view and more. Check out the full list below:

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Aiwa SB - X350J

Aiwa SB - X350J, speaker, new gadgets

Aiwa’s new SB-X350J is your ideal desk speaker with incredible sound clarity in a small package. Setting up and connecting takes just a few seconds, speaker placement is key so I tried a few spots in my office till I found a ‘sweet’ one. The device is compact yet solid. First I connected to Apple Music and played Putumayo Jazz café and the results were excellent with good separation, depth and warm bass. Listening closely I did find the treble a bit high in select songs, but didn’t detract from the overall experience. The design of the X350J is such that bass radiators are facing forward and the rear provides an even natural sound. I also connected my FiiO Hi-res player and blissfully listened to Hi Res audio (Lost Cause —Billie Eilish) which sounded brilliant with extra verve. Aiwa has done a fantastic job with this speaker, especially with the size and battery life (7 hours at peak volume). Highly recommended. Aiwa is back! INR 17,990.


JBL LIVE660NC, headphones, new gadgets

JBL’s LIVE660NC is an exciting addition to its wireless over-ear headphone range with advanced Noise cancelling to boot. These headphones fit so snugly on my head I just don’t feel like taking them off. Battery life is insanely long with about 48 hours on mixed use at good volume. I must appreciate the call quality which is solid with no background noise when Noise-cancelling mode is enabled. Audio is crisp and spacious via BT 5.0, the headphones are great for watching movies on OTT especially in laptops/tablets. Multi point connection was really useful for me to switch from calls on the phone to my Zoom sessions seamlessly. I also appreciate the My JBL Headphones app which allowed me to set the EQ to my liking as well as tweak my ambient settings and choice of voice assistants. I do wish the headphones were slightly lighter and the buttons easier to access, but overall a fine experience with these headphones. Available in black, white and blue. INR 12,999.

Kent CameEye Homecam 360w

Kent CameEye Homecam 360w, new gadgets, Wi-Fi camera, AI camera

This next gen Wi-Fi camera sweeps a 360 degree area and comes with smart AI support. Unboxing and installing the camera is super simple, I made sure to place it in a spot where I would get maximum viewing area of the office, the 2MP 1080p camera provides really sharp video, while night vision is extra clear and sharper compared to my previous cam. Motion Detection and tracking is smooth and accurate. I found the 2-way calling via Alexa useful , while having the ability to record upto 60 days of footage is great via Micro SD. Another useful feature is the Loud alarm that goes off when intruders are detected. Also note Recording is continuous even in the absence of internet. The nifty device can be mounted on walls, ceilings as well as counters. Homecam 360 is an ideal device to monitor homes, kids, elderly and business.  INR 4,990.

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Stuffcool Neutron 33

Stuffcool Neutron 33, high-tech chargers, new gadgets

Ever since I started using GaN chargers I’m hooked and find charging via regular chargers stressful. Stuffcool’s Neutron 33 is a PD charger giving out a total of 33W charge in the smallest size possible. Sporting two slots (USB fast charge and Type-C PD 33W), all my needs are taken care of with this single charger. My iPhone charges 50% in less than 30 minutes and My Macbook Air in about 2 hours. Similarly my Oppo Reno charges upto 80% in less than an hour. This charger is also about half the size of most chargers that ship with smartphones and ultrabooks. GaN chargers from Stuffcool are safe, more efficient and weigh less. About time you switched! INR 2,299.

Sony Xperia Pro-I

Sony Xperia Pro-I, smartphones, new smartphones,

Sony’s latest smartphone comes with a 1.0-type image sensor camera (the first of its kind) for industry-leading imaging offering photographers and videographers the ability to shoot, edit and share with a single device. With a SD 888 5G SOC, Pro-I provides extreme performance combining 12GB RAM and 512Gb of storage. The display is 4K HDR OLED with 120Hz refresh rate in a 21:9 6.5” screen. Price TBA. Coming soon.

DJI Action 2

DJI Action 2, best camera brands india, magnetic action camera, best camera, new gadgets

DJI’s Action 2 is ultra small yet super versatile with an innovative magnetic design which lets you swap out accessories as and when you need. Action 2 shoots 4K/120fps video with super wide FOV, it’s also water proof and wearable. INR 30,000.

The Space Safe

The Space Safe, new gadgets, best safes, high-tech lockers

Meet the high tech safe for today’s demanding world. Space Safe comes with cameras (inside and outside), biometric fingerprint authentication, WIFI, app connectivity, tamper sensors and ample space. The safe also allows multiple users once authorised. INR 45,000.