Healthcare experts caution against AI-driven self-diagnosis and medication

Doctors warn against AI self-diagnosis, highlighting life-threatening risks
Use of AI for self-prescription poses risk to human life, warn doctors
Use of AI for self-prescription poses risk to human life, warn doctors

Healthcare professionals caution that the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) for self-diagnosis and prescription poses significant risks to human life. On Doctors’ Day, they expressed concern over the growing trend of patients relying on Internet search results, even for serious ailments.

While acknowledging the advantages of accessing health information online, doctors highlighted the substantial issues it poses in daily life. They emphasized that these challenges have intensified with the advent of AI and Machine Learning (ML), technologies increasingly shaping our lives.

The Internet has emerged as a primary source of health information, fueling a rise in unsupervised self-medication practices. AI, in particular, introduces new risks, potentially leading to fatal consequences if patients inaccurately diagnose themselves or misuse medications due to misjudgment.

Doctors underscored the dangers of self-medication, including inaccurate diagnosis and the misuse of drugs, which can result in hazardous interactions or incorrect dosages. They emphasized that AI relies heavily on accurate data input, crucial for precise diagnosis and effective treatment. However, non-healthcare practitioners may not provide data with the necessary accuracy, potentially compromising patient safety.

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In conclusion, healthcare professionals advocate for a cautious approach to using AI and the Internet for medical purposes, stressing the critical role of professional expertise in healthcare decisions to safeguard patient health and safety effectively.

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