Expert insights: How does one upskill their talent on an online gaming platform?

As per a report by the All India Gaming Federation, there are about 300 million online gamers in India. The number itself speaks of the growth and scope of online gaming in India.
Online gaming in India
Online gaming in India

Chennai, December 30: As per a report by the All India Gaming Federation, there are about 300 million online gamers in India. The number itself speaks of the growth and scope of online gaming in India.

The Online Gaming Industry in India is moving towards a billion-dollar market. 

Advancement in the existing technology like mobile phones, the introduction of modern technologies such as artificial intelligence and emerging digital trends have acted as a catalyst in the growth of online gaming in India. 

India ranks first in the world’s largest youth population and second-largest in the internet population which has ultimately turned it into a leading market in the gaming sector. 

People have shown a keen interest in the gaming industry and have adopted this trend of gaming widely for the purpose of entertainment, engagement, interaction and skill development.

A study by NASSCOM says that India’s mobile game market will be worth $1.1 billion dollar and the users will be around 628 million by the year 2020. 

Online gaming revenues in India are growing annually by 22 per cent and the gaming industry is estimated to reach INR 11,400 crore by the year 2023.

BalleBaazi is an online fantasy gaming platform that was founded in 2018 by Saurabh Chopra, Navkiran Singh, and Puneet Dua. 

The cricket star Yuvraj Singh is the brand ambassador of BalleBaazi. 

Flowing in a different way than the mainstream games, BalleBaazi is a gaming platform with the availability of multiple games like Cricket, Football, and Kabaddi with the multiplayer option. 

BalleBaazi being a homegrown game attracts and engages a large number of casual as well as heavy gamers in India. 

With the use of digitisation and customisation, BalleBaazi has the potential to redefine the Indian gaming sector. 

BalleBaazi is also responsible for contributing to the increase in the number of fantasy gaming platforms in India from 10 in 2016 to 70 in 2018.

A study by KPMG cites a significant increase in the number of game developers in India. The number of game development companies has increased from just 25 in the year 2010 to 275 today.  

One of the founders of BalleBaazi, Saurabh Chopra has experience and expertise in the same and suggests some tips to upskill your talent on the online gaming platforms.

<em>Saurabh Chopra, founder of BalleBaazi</em>
Saurabh Chopra, founder of BalleBaazi

Some of the tips by Saurabh Chopra are as follows:  

Be a team player: Being a team player, you learn from other players as well as teach them. There could be players better than you and you can learn techniques from them. Not just this, it also improves your team spirit. You work as a team, help one another to achieve a particular goal and win the game. It also builds up the sportsmanship in an individual.

Take up challenges: Don’t leave it cause you couldn’t win it. Practice makes a man perfect. You won’t repeat the mistake you made earlier which made you lose. Don’t get disheartened. Taking up a challenge and trying it, again and again, makes you good at it. It also helps in developing your gaming and problem-solving skills. Make sure to take both easy as well as difficult challenges. They teach you about shortcuts and make you smart enough to compete at any level.

Go for tournaments: Once you become a pro at a single or team level, start playing in tournaments. Tournaments tend to give you a kind of exposure that no other regular match can. They happen regularly after a specified time interval with a large number of teams as participants. Winning at such a grand level defeating all is something extremely big. Playing in a tournament gets more eyes towards you thus opening the doors of more opportunities. You get noticed.

Gear-up: Equip yourself even before you start playing with all the necessary equipment you need for a good gaming experience. There could be a possibility that you find the need for earphones, power banks or anything in the middle of a game but you wouldn’t be able to leave a game in the middle to look for anything because doing so might make you end up losing the game. Therefore, it is important to keep things ready before jumping into the game.
Being motivated is the key: Even if you don’t win, you shouldn’t lose the hope of winning. Also, be it winning or money, there are so many elements that you play for and you shouldn’t let go of them. These are the elements that keep you engaged and motivated. Motivation will always hold your passion for the game.  And this motivation never let that hunger to be the best fade away and that is all you need to be a pro gamer. 

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