Falguni Shane Peacock enters home decor space with a collection of luxury fine rugs

Falguni Shane Peacock unveils a collection of luxury fine rugs in collaboration with Cocoon Fine Rugs

Heena Khandelwal Published :  29th January 2021 01:25 PM   |   Published :   |  29th January 2021 01:25 PM

(L) Love You To The Moon rug ,(R) Ayush Choudhary with Falguni and Shane Peacock

Fashion designer duo Falguni Shane Peacock forays into home decor space with a collection of fine rugs, made in collaboration with Mumbai-based carpet brand, Cocoon Fine Rugs. Featuring highly skilled craftsmanship and the finest of natural raw materials - wool and handspun silk, the collection called Meraki presents seven rugs. While each rug boasts of a different colour scheme, they retain the signature design aesthetics, be it chainmail motifs or flowers juxtaposed against intricate design meshes or discreetly monogrammed FSP logo. Further, the high and low textures, created using the hand-knotting technique, add a three-dimensional finish to the modern designs. The duo chat with INDULGE about the collection and expansion plans. Excerpts:

Q: Run us through the mood board for this collection?
Shane Peacock:
There were various aspects of our DNA that we have incorporated into this collection. Each rug holds a different meaning and that’s why we gave each one of them a title. For example, Love You To The Moon is inspired by our first show at New York Fashion Week, which was military design-inspired. But to soften the power statement military prints make, we etched the name on it because it is a collection that we really love to the moon and back!

I’ll Meet You Where The Sun Meets The Moon

Then there is a rug with only an alphabet ‘P’ and an inverted ‘P’ adjoining it. We have called that I Will Follow You as they’re imprinted together on the entire rug. We have another rug called I’ll Meet You Where The Sun Meets The Moon given the way FSP is placed on it. It starts off from the ends on the broader side and it narrows to a point where it all intersects and interlinks in the centre, denoting a place where the sun meets the moon. The entire collection is a confluence of our signature design elements from the past and our DNA.

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Q: Was it a conscious decision to not stick to a single palette?
Every person and every room’s sensibilities differ from one to another. For example, the drawing-room could be Victorian style while the dining area could be urbane, and so on. We wanted to make sure that each of our rugs is different and has something for everyone. If you ask us, we would put Give Your Heart And Soul To Me at a cosy space, if any space had ample of natural light coming in, we would put Forever In Love and if you’re young, urban, and like a pop of colours, we would put I’ll Meet You Where The Sun Meets The Moon. So, it wasn’t the colour palette that we focused on so much as we did on each section of the house.

Give Your Heart And Soul To Me rug

Q: How challenging was it to design rugs? Did you learn anything new on the way?
Falguni Peacock:
Creating rugs taught us that a brand is not only about clothes, it’s about a lifestyle.  A garment is all about one’s personal choice for themselves but a rug is about a lot of people’s taste and aesthetics coming together. We want to make Falguni Shane Peacock a lifestyle brand where you certainly have something of ours in your house, be it our cushions, upholstery, wallpapers, etc. We are now getting into bedspreads, towels, and other home accessories where we feel we could add the aesthetics of our designs to it.

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Q: So, this marks your entry into the interior design segment. What are we seeing next?
By February-March, we are launching our bedspreads, cushions, throws, wallpapers and everything to do with home décor. You will also see cutlery, table spreads, and other accessories from the kitchen and dining range making their way soon. We are not getting into furniture as of now because it’s next in line after home décor.

 I Will Follow You rug

Price: INR 1.5L onwards
Available at Cocoon stores in Mumbai, West Bengal, Rajasthan and Bangalore and www.cocooncarpets.com