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Here's what to expect from Kapurthala, a line of carpets by JJ Valaya in collaboration with Obeetee 

JJ Valaya gives us a sneak peek of what’s in Obeetee’s new store

Published on 21st September 2022
Here are some tips on styling your outdoor areas

Consider these six popular trends to liven up your outdoor area this winter

Several scientific studies have demonstrated that spending time in nature is good for both physical and mental well-being

Published on 27th August 2022
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Drugstore in your backyard

The doctor adds that black pepper helps protect us from cold and keeps our bodies warm

Published on 13th July 2022
Obeetee Carpets has strived to combine traditional Indian elements with modern aesthetics and design elements.

'Amer Canvas' launched by Obeetee Carpets is a summer hit

Obeetee Carpets has strived to combine traditional Indian elements with modern aesthetics and design elements

Published on 3rd July 2022
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Ashiesh Shah and Yogesh Chaudhary, director, Jaipur Rugs, talk about their latest collection

Carpets, cosmos & constellations

Published on 29th June 2022
The Rug Republic's sustainable rugs

The Rug Republic converts discarded plastic bottles into fashionable rugs!

Delhi-based carpet manufacturer The Rug Republic puts plastic bottles to good use with its line of contemporary Indian handmade rugs

Published on 5th June 2022
An ultrasound technique may be the answer to treating type 2 diabetes

You can now handle diabetes without drugs, with this ultrasound technique targeting the liver!

This can be done by sending regular ultrasound pulses on specific nerve clusters in the liver in an area called the porta hepatis

Published on 24th April 2022

Jaipur Rugs' Manchaha initiative is lighting up lives of many

How an initiative to use leftover yarns productively led to the birth of a project that might become synonymous with Jaipur Rugs in the years to come

Published on 9th April 2022
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What happens when one seeks solace in sobriety?

This series offers the transformative journeys of people who have had to live through/with a health crisis

Published on 10th March 2022
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Home decor company GharGhar launches contemporary rugs in jute and wool in classic Persian patterns

Crafted from natural fibres such as jute and wool, they are hand-knotted with care resulting in perfect finish and elegance

Published on 6th February 2022

Jaipur Rugs collaborates with designer Abin Choudhuri for Archetype

Archetype presents the fundamental principles of architecture through simple forms, colours and shapes on rugs

Published on 25th May 2021

Kaleen’s non-toxic and natural fibre rugs are a great eco-friendly option

Kaleen's vision is to become an all-inclusive rug storehouse

Published on 19th February 2021
Tweets can reveal if anti-depressant drugs are helping patients or not

Research: Tweets can reveal if anti-depressant drugs are helping patients or not

The study identified behavioural and linguistic changes in tweets in Spanish published by users suffering from depression and who are taking medication 

Published on 14th February 2021

Falguni Shane Peacock enters home decor space with a collection of luxury fine rugs

Falguni Shane Peacock unveils a collection of luxury fine rugs in collaboration with Cocoon Fine Rugs

Published on 29th January 2021

Jaipur Rugs collaborates with jail inmates for a special collection

Jaipur Rugs collaborates with 100 inmates of Jaipur, Bikaner and Dausa Central Jail for a special collection

Published on 29th January 2021

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