Wellness guru Luke Coutinho shares tips to battle stress

Wellness guru Luke Coutinho believes a better lifestyle is the key to a better mind space
Luke Coutinho
Luke Coutinho

It's no more a secret that healing doesn't happen without mindfulness. Holistic lifestyle coach Luke Coutinho was in the city recently to touch upon topics like comprehensive health and nutrition, ways to combat stress and overall lifestyle changes at an event organised by Young Indians. We had a one-on-one conversation with the renowned lifestyle coach. Excerpts:

Are there any must follow tips to cope with the gruelling heat?

I would like to stress that hydration comes before dieting. A lot of our patients from the city suffer from dehydration issues and it does not matter what you are eating if you have low water intake. Secondly, go big on locally grown fruits and vegetables this season as they are naturally cooling. Sattoo is a product that maintains a body temperature balance. One may as well as try lemon water with a little bit of salt in it for its cooling and detoxifying effects. I recommend staying away from junk food, sugar and spices as they generate a lot of body heat. Also, it is important to not confuse regional products with exotic.

As an effect of work from home schedules, work-life balance has gone haywire for a lot many. What do you recommend to the ones working night shifts and erratic hours?

The question is, what would they do if they were doing a day job? People working past midnight are advised to flip over their eating and sleeping schedules. They still need to go to sleep after logging off and that is where many go wrong. Staying awake can topple the biological rhythm. Human beings are naturally much low on energy at night and hence one should not stuff themselves with a heavy meal before work as it will only make them feel sleepier. It’s important to maintain the protocol. Rotate the usual routine according to work timings. However, it is recommended that companies do not change shifts too often and allow an individual at least a month of transition phase. There’s nothing that can cause more harm to one’s circadian rhythm.

Are there any food myths that you would like to bust?

There is a common notion that protein accelerates weight loss but it is similar to any other macronutrient. Similarly, eating less does not help with fat loss. Weight loss happens only when you eat right. On paper, rice has negligible amounts of fat and since it is a staple food for many, anyone who consumes rice would put on kilos. The taboo associated with rice is wrong too. However it is not recommended for diabetic patients. Speaking of the same, sugar alone never causes diabetes but poor lifestyle is the only factor that is to be blamed here.

What are some of the life mantras that everyone should adhere to for a better mind space?

A better lifestyle brings in better mental health. I cannot stress enough on the requirement of adequate sleep. A sleep deprived person has minimal to no control over his emotions and mental health. It is also important to learn how to accept failure as no one is okay with obstacles and hurdles anymore. Do not label yourself as worthless if something goes wrong; instead work on your self-worth. Do not weigh your self-worth based on superficial attention received over social media.

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