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Mumbai-based life coach Jessica Singh talks about how acts of kindness help with your health:

Kindness has been shown to increase empathy and improve mood

Published on 5th June 2022
Crafts by Heirloom Naga

Designer-entrepreneur Jesmenia Zeliang shares her journey with her brand, Heirloom Naga

The Northeast’s distinctive red, black and white woven fabrics have, for centuries, been fashioned into sarongs and shawls

Published on 29th May 2022
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What are ‘green prescriptions,’ the new remedy for lifestyle, genetic and chronic diseases?

It is a health management protocol wherein, in addition to medication, one is encouraged to make the most of the healing facets of nature

Published on 22nd May 2022
Glassware from Ellementry

Lifestyle brand Ellementry’s new glassware collection is, quite literally, functional art!

The brand’s new collection is no different—sustainable glassware that looks good and does good

Published on 8th May 2022
Luke Coutinho

Wellness guru Luke Coutinho shares tips to battle stress

Wellness guru Luke Coutinho believes a better lifestyle is the key to a better mind space

Published on 6th May 2022
Disco Elysium representational picture

Play Disco Elysium for its writing!

Disco Elysium is a role-playing game set within a Dungeons and Dragons framework of rolling and enhancing certain skills

Published on 5th October 2021
Founders of CORA Health

Now, you can swipe left or right to get the right nutritional match for your health problems!

CORA Health, a Bengaluru-based e-commerce platform is enabling users to access healthy food alternatives based on their medical conditions and lifestyle diseases

Published on 11th April 2022

Summer Weaves: Take part in a beautiful sustainable exhibition at Kolkata Kettle 3.0

It will also host a special wedding edit

Published on 8th April 2022
Hybrid - Representational image

What is hybrid well-being, the latest health and lifestyle trend, all about?

Slow, conscious living coupled with ingredient-driven self-care are forming our daily anthem

Published on 3rd April 2022
How to avoid kidney stones

Here’s how you can avoid kidney stones with some simple shifts in your everyday diet and lifestyle

Be mindful when you start using the above remedies and don’t exchange it with any of your medicines, if you are on any.

Published on 18th March 2022
A panoramic view of Bwari Gaon

Garhwali villages Matholi and Bwari Gaon are welcoming travellers to come and experience their offbeat lifestyle as volunteers!

There are so many mesmerising sights and sounds about the Gharwali villages that could make you stay there for longer, not just a weekend

Published on 14th March 2022

Hyderabad gets its first ‘lifestyle’ restaurant, where you can buy anything that you see and touch  

Voila offers Indian dishes with a European twist

Published on 4th March 2022
Gut health

Get your gut health in check with these simple lifestyle changes

Let’s look at eight basic lifestyle changes that will help you in keeping your gut health strong:

Published on 25th February 2022
A guide to happy health

A guide to happy health: follow these basic lifestyle changes to keep your health issues away in 2022

Here are a few basic lifestyle changes that you can make to reach your health goals slowly and gradually

Published on 21st January 2022
Working on ways to live life zero-waste

Working on ways to live life zero-waste

Under its resources section, the website offers ideas and literature on various aspects of sustainability.

Published on 18th January 2022

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