Packing a fuzzy peach punch

Permeating every design frontier is the emotional and stylistic embrace of Peach Fuzz, Pantone’s colour of the year for 2024
Image used for representational purpose only. (File Photo)
Image used for representational purpose only. (File Photo)

In a palette of emotions, Peach Fuzz is the colour of warmth, empathy and nurturing. In a span of days, the soft, velvety hue, which is Pantone’s colour of the year 2024, has ascended into prominence in the realm of design and aesthetics, while setting a promising tone for the future. Here’s a handbook of all things Peach Fuzz. 

Wardrobe drops 

A sharp departure from last year’s vibrant Viva Magenta, Peach Fuzz is tender and lends itself to a range of styling possibilities. “It stands out for its tonal adaptability and complements a spectrum of complexions, including Indian skin tones. Besides adding textural depth to garments, it also integrates with an array of prints, embellishments and styles, making it one of my top favourite muses right now,” says Delhi-based couturier Varun Bahl. Here’s how you can style the colour. “For a minimalist daytime look, pick a white shirt, high-waisted beige pants and a Peach Fuzz blazer.

For a dazzling evening affair, pair a Peach Fuzz sequined skirt with a dusky rose satin blouse. You can also team up a turtleneck bodycon dress in Peach Fuzz with a matcha green coat or a mantilla for that quiet luxury aesthetic. For a casual outing, Peach Fuzz athleisure sets are all the rage. A-line floral printed dresses are gaining traction too,” says the designer, adding, “What I am most excited about is party and wedding wear in the colour. It is an excellent choice for both trousseau and ceremonial attire. For an exquisite look, incorporate laser-cut patterns, 3D-lacework, aari work, and tatting lace into the fabrics. A Peach Fuzz floral printed lehenga, paired with an embroidered blouse and a floral dupatta is bound to attract attention.” 

Additionally, the colour is gender agnostic and makes for a refined alternative to traditional pinks, which men usually shy away from. “In ethnic wear, this gentle tone makes for stylish bandhgalas, sherwanis, sheer kurtas and bundis. A touch of zari, sequins, mirror detailing, or perhaps the trending pearl embellishments, elevate the charm of this hue in traditional wear. Peach Fuzz looks beautiful in monochromatic ensembles, or one can try layering for a blended appearance,” says Delhi-based Sahib Singh Bhatia, co-founder and creative director, Amaaré. 

Varanasi-headquartered Shanti Banaras views Peach Fuzz as more than just a colour; it’s a call for calm. “I was immediately drawn to its gentleness, and wanted to establish a harmony between the graceful nature of the hue and our textiles,” says Khushi, the brand’s creative director. 

What a gem 
Delhi-based jewellery designer Musskan Mehrotra of Kiwi By Musskan, believes that one of the greatest strengths of Peach Fuzz is the way it compliment both traditional and modern design elements. “It’s a shade that integrates with silver, gold, fashion jewellery and fusion pieces equally well,” she says.
“Since botanical motifs are on trend right now, go for chunky, hand-carved chokers, lotus cocktail rings, fern-inspired bangles or butterfly-themed earrings with Peach Fuzz gemstones. You can even wear classic pieces such as vintage drop earrings with padparadscha sapphires with just about anything. Gold and Peach Fuzz enamel pendants are in vogue as well,” she says.

Decor decked up 
The Peach Fuzz phenomenon has taken over the home space with everything from curtains to rugs; upholstery to vases; dinnerware to decoratives; wallpapers to cushions; duvets to throw blankets, steeped in the soft lustre of the colour. “It transforms a cold space into a cosy one, with its ability to reflect natural light effectively.

It extends a brightness to a room, making shadows less conspicuous, leading to a sense of openness,” says Delhi-based Sachin Chauhan, director, Dialogues by Nirmals. “Paint one of the walls with this velvety tone and pearl white macramé art or wall hanging. Textured Peach Fuzz cushions add textural depth to a plain couch or bed, while bedsheets offer a restful escape to slumber. Chic ceramics add a hint of peachy goodness to your dinner table and upholstery, chairs, bed backs, and even kitchen cabinets embrace its soft allure,” he says. 

Lighting is not far behind. “It is the perfect choice for ambient and task lighting. Expect to see innovative designs that strike a balance between modern minimalism and timeless elegance,” says Delhi-based Aryaman Jain, CEO, of Innovative Design Studio. The interplay of Peach Fuzz with natural materials like wood and stone is likely to gain traction, fostering a connection with nature and creating a design synergy. 

Peachy add-ons 
The colour has cast a peachy shadow on hats, sunglasses, scarves, stoles, bags, hair bands and brooches. “More muted than most colours, it’s easier to style. It’s a colour that can transition easily from winter to summer, making a soft statement in both seasons.

Collaborations with designers known for their innovative use of colour and texture will result in limited-edition Peach Fuzz ranges,” says Dubai-based Ruchi Sally, MD, Melissa India. 

For the founder of Fizzy Goblet, Mumbai and London-based Laksheeta Govil, the playfulness of Peach Fuzz is a winner. “It reminds me of a carefree picnic where one can just kick back and relax,” she says. Reason enough to paint the town peach then.  

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