Discover which Indian city reigns supreme as the ‘binge-watching champion’ according to a new study

The study provides valuable insights into India’s diverse unwinding habits
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A popular furniture brand recently shared fascinating insights into how Indians unwind at home in their survey. Chennai reigned supreme as the ‘binge-watching champion,’ with a whopping 50 per cent of respondents identifying as “serial binge-watchers.” This echoes a 2014 report highlighting Chennai’s love for TV, with residents dedicating more time to it compared to other cities. Home is their haven for epic marathons, with 10-episode sessions not uncommon!

The survey by Godrej Interio titled Homescpaes also revealed a strong sense of nostalgia in Chennai, with 71 per cent cherishing movie night as a tradition to be revived. This highlights the city's love for family entertainment.

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The study also revealed other interesting city-specific trends. Hyderabad followed closely with 34 per cent identifying as binge-watchers, while 70 per cent supported movie night. Mumbai presented a contrasting picture: only 12 per cent considered themselves binge-watchers, and less than half (47 per cent) support bringing back movie night. Lucknow offered a reversal, with 28 per cent identifying as binge-watchers and only 20 per cent interested in reviving movie nights.

The survey was conducted with 2822 Indians living across 7 cities including Bengaluru, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai and Lucknow.

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