This summer, try these fun activities at home

This list offers exciting DIY projects you can tackle with friends and family, transforming your home into a summer haven
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Summer is here, bringing with it sunshine, laughter, and endless possibilities for fun. While many crave adventure outdoors, staying home doesn’t have to mean missing out. So, to help you make the most of it during this season, we have curated a list of some activities that you can tackle with friends and family, transforming your home into a summer haven.

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1. Backyard Camping: The first thing that comes to your mind when you think about camping is that it’s an outdoor activity, but you can also do it in your backyard or on the terrace. To make it feel like you are in a camp- make S’mores, erect a tent using bedsheets and fill it with cosy pillows and duvets. Hang string lights around the backyard and over the tent (if you want), play a backyard game like football or cornhole and ta-da, and there you have your backyard camping.

2. Movie night under the stars: Unwind under the summer sky with a backyard movie night. Gather popcorn, nachos, and drinks for a delightful treat. Project your favourite film onto a white sheet hung between poles or on your fence. No projector? No problem! Craft a simple DIY projector using a box, a magnifying glass, and your smartphone – instant entertainment! String lights or fairy lights add an extra touch of ambience.

3. DIY BBQ grill

To all the BBQ lovers out there, this one is for you! Cooking in your backyard is one of the best summer activities with your family and friends. Grilling the food and watching a movie or a sport in your backyard, sounds cool right? Here is how you make a grill on your own.


-Take a large-sized tin can and cut lengthy strips around the tin.

-Wrap it with a heavy-duty foil and then add charcoal, pieces of wood and some stones.

-Place this on another tin can, where its length is bigger.

-fire the pit and then, place a correct-sized grill with the ingredients for the dish.

4. Homemade Ice cream

Summer is the ultimate excuse for having ice creams, aren’t they? So, instead of buying it, you can make ice cream at home and have it after your dinner as a pleasant dessert or if you want, as a meal by itself. Here is a recipe that is healthy and very easy to prepare.


½ cup of flour

3 tbsp of butter

½ tsp of vanilla

3 tbsp of sweetener (white sugar for crisp)

½ cup of milk

Bunch of Jackfruit


-Grind the jackfruit, mix it with thick coconut milk and add a handful of chopped jackfruit pieces. Keep this mixture in the freezer and mix it up every 2 hours before leaving it overnight.

-Take a bowl and mix the flour, butter, vanilla, sweetener and milk.

-Preheat the cone maker and add the batter to it. Heat it on both sides for two minutes.

-Shape the cone while it's hot.

And your homemade ice cream is ready, Yum! If you don’t want it in a cone, then you can scoop it into a bowl and some more chopped jackfruits to it.

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5. Bird feeder paradise: Attract feathered friends to your yard with a charming bird feeder.

  • Upcycle an empty milk carton by transforming it into a little house.

  • Paint it with non-toxic materials and let it dry. Once dry, cut a rectangular opening on the front side for the birds to enter.

  • Create a perch by poking a hole below the opening and inserting a straw.

  • For a whimsical touch, add popsicle sticks as a roof.

  • Hang the finished bird feeder on a branch or pipe using a rope. Fill the rectangular opening with birdseed or water to keep your feathered visitors happy.

Story by V. Aishwarya

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