Experts reveal how you can fake a beauty sleep on zombie days

Girls, on days when you have slept for less than six hours, these makeup secrets may come in handy
Photo Credit: Pexels
Photo Credit: Pexels

Yes, sleeping for more than seven to eight hours is an absolute must and yes, you wake up feeling energetic, refreshed and less anxiety-ridden. But let's face it, there are days when you cannot get yourself to sleep and you are wide awake till 3 in the morning, doom-scrolling Instagram reels that educate you on ways to lead a healthy life.

On such days, which trust us, make an appearance more than you think, you just need to fake it till you make it. Simply put, you need to fake a beauty sleep and look like you came to work after a peaceful spa and salon session.

Now, the question remains, how can you make this happen? Splash water into your eyes 10 times on either side? Take a cold shower? Dip your face in ice? Get some caffeine inside? The options are too many, but do they actually work? We spoke to experts across skin and makeup brands such as MARS Cosmetics, The Ayurveda Company and Swiss Beauty on how to look refreshed on zombie days. Read ahead to find out. 

Concealer Charisma

If you are one of the makeup girlies, then a creamy concealer should be your go-to product on sleepless days. Diksha Juneja, MARS Cosmetics Makeup Expert reveals, "Steer clear of foundation for this purpose, as it tends to be too dry and might inadvertently emphasize wrinkles. Consider a concealer with a yellow undertone for those stubborn dark circles to help neutralize them."

<em>Concealer Charisma</em>
Concealer Charisma

"In addition to concealer, using nude or white eyeliner on your waterline can make your eyes appear larger and more alert. This trick can counteract the redness that often accompanies tired eyes," she adds while recommending the application of a bold lip colour for an understated transformation.

Mascara Magique

Another way you can ditch your tired eyes' uncanny resemblance with that of a panda is through volumizing mascara. The logic is simple. Your eyes are the problem area? Make them stand out instead. Add oodles of mascara, a thin stroke of matte eyeliner and your eyes appear bigger and brighter instantly.

<em>Mascara Magique</em>
Mascara Magique

Further, dabbing a warm-toned blush on the cheeks will give you a clean and refreshed look. “Firstly, prime your skin with a light coverage formula. you don't want heavier formulas. Instead, use an illuminating primer for a radiant glow. Then, add some colour to your face for a well-rested look. Opt for a warm tone blush for a natural and yet soft look,” shares Hitesh Dewett, training and artistry Manager at Swiss Beauty. 

Ayurvedic Allure

However, if makeup tricks do no wonders for you and you want to feel fresh and radiant more holistically, then some ayurvedic tips can do the job. Dr Priya Chauhan, an Ayurvedic Expert from The Ayurveda Company lists down the many benefits of a face massage after an insomia-driven night. 

"Start your day with a gentle self-massage using warm nalpamaradi or coconut oil. Massaging your body, especially your face, helps improve blood circulation and gives you a fresh, radiant complexion," she says. 

<em>Ayurvedic Allure</em>
Ayurvedic Allure

Although, her most trusted remedy features plenty of fluids. "Sip on warm water with a squeeze of fresh lemon juice upon waking. This helps kickstart digestion and detoxify your body, resulting in a more vibrant appearance. Otherwise, brew herbal teas like chamomile or tulsi (holy basil) also calm your nerves and promote relaxation," she concludes. 

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