Celebrity hairstylist Yianni Tsapatori shares tips to up your hair game for the summer travel season

From easy-to-manage hairstyles to travel-friendly haircare products, there are numerous ways to ensure our tresses look their best
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As the summer travel season unfolds, people eagerly plan their vacations and their outfits. However, amidst the excitement, many tend to overlook the importance of hairstyling as it is challenging when on a vacation.

From easy-to-manage hairstyles to travel-friendly haircare products, there are numerous ways to ensure our tresses look their best, even when salon options are limited. Celebrity hairstylist, Yianni Tsapatori, shares his expert tips on how to take care of your hair health and up your hairstyling game while travelling.

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Stay away from hotel shampoo and conditioner, carry your own!

You must always carry your shampoo, conditioner and serums. Hotel toiletries might not work for your hair type. Ensure you have products tailored to your hair type in your travel kit.

Sun protection is a MUST

Whether you’re at the beach or in the mountains, sun exposure can leave your hair dry and dull. Combat this by using a leave-in conditioner to maintain moisture and applying hair sunscreen for added protection. Wear a hat that complements your outfit for extra protection. Additionally, opt for hairstyling tools with intelligent heat control. Supersonic hair dryer are a great choice for those who wish to style their hair while preventing heat damage.

Say no to alcohol-based products

Certain alcohols, such as ethanol and isopropyl alcohol, dehydrate the hair and scalp, resulting in breakage. Choosing natural, organic, or alcohol-free options can allow you to maintain gorgeous, thick hair while also protecting your hair health.

Essential hairstyling tools for your travel bag

When it comes to travelling, packing light is key. That's why the Airwrap multi-styler is a must-have for any jetsetter. With its versatile attachments, you can fulfill all your hairstyling needs without weighing down your luggage. You don’t have to carry all the attachments. I suggest carrying the Coanda smoothing dryer and the round volumizing brush for all your styling needs.

Another great tool is the Corrale hair straightener, which not only protects your hair from heat damage but its wireless design grants you the freedom to style on-the-go. It will help you with versatile looks ranging from straight chic look to creating curls.

Refresh your hairstyle

During the summer travel, refreshing your haircare routine becomes essential to avoid looking messy and unpleasant. With the right products and tools, it’s easy to transition between hairstyles. For example, starting with straight hair in the morning, you can add curls throughout the day for a wavy look. Then, enhance them with hairspray or texturising spray for an evening style. The next day, a quick refresh with dry shampoo can revive your hair. It’s all about versatility and making the most out of your hairstyle options while on the go.

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Say yes to ponytails whether it’s a mountain or beach

Achieve both style and comfort while travelling with the high-voluminous ponytail – a simple yet chic hairstyle that suits any destination. Later, easily transition your look by refreshing it in a bun or another tied-back style and touch up your hair with the Airwrap multi-styler for added volume or texture.

Pro tip: Always keep a hair tie handy, it will ensure you enjoy your surroundings without worrying too much about your hair.

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