Amadora brings its popular ice cream flavours to Hyderabad   

Chenna-based Amadora walks the talk when it says eat fresh, eat local.

A Harini Prasad Published :  21st July 2017 06:00 AM   |   Published :   |  21st July 2017 06:00 AM


Part passion, part science. That’s what Amadora, the gourmet ice cream and sorbet company which debuted in Hyderabad a few days ago, says their ice cream is about. They also wear their credo – Eat Local Eat Fresh – on their sleeve. The first taste of a S’mores sundae, a delectable combination of five-bean Vanilla, Belgian Chocolate and S’mores with choco fudge, is a sign of things to come. It has a generous sprinkling of brownie pieces and roasted peanuts. One of Amadora’s signature flavours, S’mores is a breadcake mixed with vanilla, milk and whip cream.

S'mores sundae

Bean there, done that
The new ice cream outlet at Film Nagar, part of a Chennai-based chain, has become the favourite of T’town celebrities. “We had Telugu stars such as Samantha, Lakshmi Manchu and Nani visit our store in the last week,” shares Mario Michael, the ice cream maker at the store.” Why not, considering the process in which the peanuts alone are treated. “We roast the peanuts, add a pinch of salt and later spread them on a layer of caramel for the sweet twist,” says Deepak Suresh, owner of the chain, adding that 50 beans are soaked in 10 litres of ice cream mix, so that every litre has at least five beans. 

Sweet rush
The single-floor glass-walled place is brightly-lit and has a seating capacity of just 10. I sit near the glass entrance waiting for their best-seller, both in Chennai or Hyderabad – the Underbake Cake with Five-Bean Vanilla.

The layered cake is made of Callebaut chocolate, mixed with brown sugar and a lot of butter. Served hot, the cake is velvet smooth and generously sweet. The flavourful scoop of five-bean vanilla helps balance the sweetness, making it the perfect combination. “There are a few combinations that go with our cakes. However, we do customise it if the customer wants,” says Mario.

Underbake with Five-Bean Vanilla

Get local
To break the monotony of chocolate, I order a Mango sorbet, which is served to me in a freshly baked cone. The ice cream’s consistency is about perfect — pulpy and rich. As for the sorbet, every bite feels like eating a bowl of mango pulp. “You won’t find the same Mango Sorbet once the season is over. We don’t like making sorbets out of frozen fruits and neither do we add colour or essence,” shares Deepak.

Mango Sorbet


Starts at Rs. 200 and above. At Road no 82, beside Simply South, Film Nagar.
Details: 9550200085