Home and Away: New menu alert at Taj Krishna's Encounters

Encounters at Taj Krishna has South African street side fare and Nellore delicacies, all in a one-page menu

Paulami Sen Published :  28th July 2017 06:00 AM   |   Published :   |  28th July 2017 06:00 AM


Be prepared to travel from Italy to Cape Town and back to Nellore. How? You can now savour some of the most sought after dishes from all over the world and in and around the city, sitting right here in Hyderabad. The all-day diner, Encounters at Taj Krishna, has introduced a new menu to include some mouth-watering new signature dishes from Taj hotels all over the world. “Instead of a seven-pager, we now have a one-page menu. This time we have introduced a small section called the Taj Autograph Collection which includes the signature dishes from our properties in New York, Maldives, Colombo and Cape Town,” says Mohit Mishra, sous chef, Encounters.


Made in Italy
To taste, we pick three dishes from the Taj Autograph Collection and on the chef’s request, an innovative salad from their ‘salads and soups’ section. The Italian specialty, Burrata, made from mozzarella and cream, is the first one to be served. Hailed as the queen of cheeses, this can be counted as a ticket to gastronomical heaven. The balsamic reduction adds a tinge of sourness and the assorted salad veggies offers some crunch to offset the softness of cream and cheese. After a few minutes, we are offered Citrus Quinoa and Artichoke Salad. Garnished with Kalamata olives, iceberg lettuce and lightly toasted pecan nuts, this dish is plated so well that it looks too pretty to be disturbed. The artichokes accompany the quinoa well. Sautéed onions and lettuce along with orange slices on the side add to the burst of flavour. 

Chicken Bunny Chow

From the streets
If fish is what you like, make sure to try out the Maldivian specialty, Fish Exotica. Below the well-cooked first layer of Red Snapper, there’s a layer of prawns, which comes as a complete surprise. At last up we taste the South African street food favourite, Chicken Bunny Chow. A brioche bread loaf,  hollowed out and stuffed with Durban Chicken, can easily pass off as comfort food. “Not only world cuisine, we have also introduced a few dishes from Nellore, for our patrons who come from different parts of the world and stay here,” says executive chef Nitin Mathur. The Gongura Mamsam (lamb curry with sorrel leaves) and Kodi Vepudu (dry cooked chicken with red chillies and curry leaves) come highly recommended, says the chef. 

Price for two: Rs 2,000 ++