Red Door Cafe in Coimbatore doubles up as a gaming hub and offers pasta, thick shakes plus vintage arcade games

author_img Vaanmathe A Published :  01st November 2018 02:00 AM   |   Published :   |  01st November 2018 02:00 AM
Red Door Cafe Coimbatore

Red Door Cafe Restaurant

The hunt for a gaming café and restaurant brings us to Saibaba Colony, a neighbourhood that has now become a buzzing hangout with restaurants and cafes sprouting up in every nook and cranny. The latest on the block is Red Door Cafe — located right above Super Star Pizza. The eye-catching door, tinted symbolically red, welcomes us into a mildly lit, cosy 50-seater restaurant. A rustic Tic-Tac-Toe solitaire board awaits us at the table — which, along with a few other games like Uno and Jenga, helps break the monotony for those who do not wish to partake in the gaming arena. “A restaurant that combines a gaming hub is quite the rarity and that is why my friend Harish Radhakrishnan and I decided to start this venture a couple of months ago. We currently have two PS4 consoles, Virtual Reality games and four PCs offering favourites like PUBG, Dota, FIFA, Assasins Creed and Tekken among others,” shares 22-year-old Thirugnanam V.


For batter or for worse

Out of all the things on the menu, the assorted starter plate catches our attention and lives up to expectations as it arrives on the table. A pastiche of potato wedges, mini samosas, chicken nuggets, sausages and chicken pops stacked on top of each other on a vertical skewer, dressed with original and tandoori mayo the assorted nibbles have a smoky flavour and offer a spicy punch. We wash it down with the Road Runner, a mocktail named after the popular cartoon character, with ginger as its dominant cue. Borrowing heavily from pop culture, all the mocktails on the menu come with names like Batman, Power Puff Girls, Pink Panther and Minions.  

Penne Alfredo is an easy choice when it comes to the main course — in which the generous helping of corn is a bit much, but the creamy and stringy cheese make up for it. The Peri-Peri sandwiches are also a must-try if you are looking for something with a fiery aftertaste. 

Chocolate therapy

Red Door offers a choice of exclusive shakes with some contrasting and decadent combinations like Brownie Nutella, Oreo Red Velvet and Nutella Coffee, which has us playing eeny, meeny, miny, moe to make up our mind. After a bit of a dilemma, we settle for a Popcorn shake that satiates our sweet tooth with its caramel blend. We also pick Red Door’s signature fluffy brownie waffle — replete with two scoops of vanilla ice cream, coated with a generous amount of dark chocolate sauce and topped off with rainbow sprinkles.

Priced at Rs.600 for two. 11 am to 11 pm.