Explore dim sums and baos this festive season at China Bistro

Don't forget to try their Khow Suey after dim sums and baos

Paulami Sen Published :  26th October 2018 07:10 PM   |   Published :   |  26th October 2018 07:10 PM
China Bistro

Edamame Dim Sum

Getting dim sums right is a tricky business. The texture of the outer layer needs to be perfect, it can’t be too thick or stretchy. But that is just one part of the process. However, when we tried out the delicate dumplings at the ongoing dim sum, bao, bun festival at China Bistro, were rather close to perfect. Chef Gopal Chandra Behera who curated the fest understands the importance of getting his ingredients right. And that is why he and his team took around three weeks to source it and curate the fest. First up, we were excited to find Edamame in the menu.We can rarely spot these East Asian soya bean pods  in Hyderabadi eateries. “We need to source our Edamame from Mumbai well in advance,” says Chef Gopal, laying down that close attention is paid to the texture of the dumpling wrapping and the pleating, to make it as fine as possible.

Soya Mock Meat Hunan Bao


The wrapping of Edamame Dim Sum was a beautiful translucent green. The dumplings were garnished with shredded beetroot and it was recommended that we try them with the mildly spicy black pepper sauce. This short-eat served in a bamboo basket is too pretty to eat without Instagramming. The crunchy edamame filling tastes fresh. We recommend that you ask for the tangy and refreshing Orange Mint Iced Tea to go with it.

Pan Fried Lamb with Char Siu Dim Sum

After relishing the first dish, we moved on to The Pan Fried Lamb with Char Siu Dim Sum, which has finely-spiced pan-fried lamb chunks. The thin layer of mayo crystal wrapping adds to the taste and sweetness. Then came the Chicken Char Siu Bao: Chinese steamed buns with chicken cooked in char siu sauce. We were told to dig in without delay when the bao is hot since the pink outer layer becomes coarse when cold. To wash it down we went for the Coconut Lychee Mocker, replete with soothing coconut water and sweet lychee purée. Those who don’t prefer meat might want to try the Soya Mock Meat Hunan Bao. This fluffy Chinese sweet bread stuffed with wok-tossed soya chunks and a generous dose of Hunan sauce raises the bar high. Towards the end, the chef brought in his signature dish, their signature Khow Suey, warmed in slow fire. This dish is presented in a beautiful fashion with the coconut milk gravy being warmed on one side and an array of condiments on the other.  The flat noodles dipped in coconut milk cooked with chicken, topped with a boiled egg, and roasted onions strike all the boxes for a comfort meal. We are definitely coming back for this one soon.
At China Bistro,  Jubilee Hills.
On till November 30.
Price for two: 1,500 ++


Pictures by R. Satish Babu