Cultural crossover: FIG Living launches Scandian collection

FIG Living’s new collection blends the richness of Indian heritage with Scandinavian design

FIG Living, a brand to watch out for in the realm of artisanal and mindful home décor products, has unveiled its new collection of products. A fusion of Indian and Scandinavian design aesthetics, the brand has created a striking balance between vibrant accents and calming neutrals.

Sushant Sharma, the founder of the brand, tells us that what stands out about Scandinavian design is its focus on earthy tones, geometric shapes, and functionality. “On the other hand, Indian design is characterised by vibrant motifs, a hint of opulence, and rich artistic traditions that embody joy, spirituality, and tranquility, particularly evident in handicraft arts. Considering these influences, I set out on a design mission of ‘Scandian’ home décor — a blend of Scandinavian and Indian designs — perfectly encapsulating this unique design philosophy that we’re embracing,” he says.

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By merging the distinct design traditions of Scandinavia and India, he has created a unique blend in the world of product design. “There are intriguing similarities, such as the reverence for flora and fauna found in both Scandinavian folk art and Indian mandala art, along with the iconic paisley prints. These elements reflect a deep-seated respect for nature inherent in both cultures. In today’s fast-paced world, modern Indians are seeking tranquil spaces where they can relax and decompress. Our goal is to offer a home décor range that is not only functional but also thoughtful and significant, enriching the lives of modern Indian households,” says Sushant.

Fig Living has introduced nordic nights range with print patterns inspired by Indian prints like flowers, royalty using block printing techniques. “We are going to soon foray into textiles like beddings, throws and pillows where the fusion is going to come into its complete existence. We have papier-mâché décor items. Papier-mâché was introduced in Kashmir during the 15th century by Sultan Zain-ul-Abadin, son of Emperor Sikander, following his release from captivity in Samarkand. Leveraging this rich Indian art form, we have crafted donut-shaped vases and tabletop décor items, commonly found in Scandinavian interiors. This is just one example of our numerous designs, inspired by art forms deeply rooted in India’s history,” 
he explains.

FIG Living operates under the umbrella of Inmark Exports, a premier export house specialising in paper craft items and home décor items. They have a range of paper, jute, rattan, fabric, wood and metal home décor products.  

“Our Indic-Intrigue print, rooted in the principles of the golden ratio and Fibonacci progression, is inspired by the patterns seen in Indian mandala art and the works of Acharya Pingala. We’re delighted to share that this design has become one of our top-selling print patterns for table lamps. And I’m 
particularly excited about our upcoming motifs, which represent a unique blend of modern Scandinavian design and elements from Indian fauna,” he says.

For anyone currently sprucing up their home, Sushant’s advice is to embrace simplicity and purposefulness in the décor. “Opt for natural and long-lasting materials, and remember, a home is a cherished space. Aim for a cozy, uncluttered environment that feels 
welcoming and serene,” he signs off.

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