Give your home a classic makeover using mirrors  

Here are some tips to add vibrancy and positivity to your spaces using mirrors the festive season

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Mirrors hold the potential to instantly turn your humble abode into an artistic masterpiece, and if you are looking to add a touch of vibrancy and positivity to your spaces they are just right for the festive season.  

Moreover, the opportunities are infinite with mirrors, given the number of styles, shapes, and sizes they come in. Here are some creative ideas from Palash Agrawal, founder/director, Vedas Exports on how to incorporate fancy mirrors this festive season.

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 Place Mirrored Trays and Platters to Enhance Aesthetics

Our go-to traditional ritual of placing embellished trays and platters around the house can double as a décor element this festive season. If you want to make it functional and go beyond using it as a décor piece, consider filling it with sweets, dried nuts, chocolates, or flowers. A classic metallic platter or tray with a mirror as its base will look good in any room.

Create a Dedicated Mirror Wall

One of the trusted ways to bring light, depth, and character to an otherwise bland wall is to create a wall full of mirrors. You can enhance the effect by placing multiple mirrors of different shapes and sizes. It can be antique wooden mirrors, metallic mirrors, or basic unframed mirrors. To maximise the impact, choose a wall opposite to the windows or position light fixtures closer to the wall you aim to adorn to take advantage of natural or artificial light.

Set the Festive Tone with a Metallic Mirror

Festivals are incomplete without metal, from gold candle holders to bronze wall mirrors and rustic-style silver vases the options are infinite and apt for the festive season. So, consider incorporating metallic mirrors in your living room for the upcoming festivities instead of conventional fairy lights and flower strings. Position one or more metallic mirrors opposite the room’s entryway. This will make the narrow entryway seem larger and brighter. Also, choose circular mirrors with metallic frames carved with intricate designs to add a unique touch.

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Layer a Mirrored Panel with an Embellished Mirror

If you plan to create a dedicated mirror wall, an overlapping tall mirror can add dimension to the wall's design and room. To avoid making multiple holes in the wall, lean the tall mirror against the mirror wall. Style it with indoor plants, vases, lamps, or other accessories on either side.