Faaya Brittany Collection is an exquisite fusion of classic French toile and contemporary design

This homeware brand gives an interesting spin to French toile in its latest collection

Faaya, which is known for unique handcrafted works of art that are inspired by different parts of the world and brought to life by Indian artisans, has introduced its Brittany Collection. It is an exquisite fusion of classic French toile and contemporary design. Falguni Toprani, head designer and founder of Faaya gifting, unravels the unique story and craftsmanship behind this enchanting collection.

“This collection is a tribute to the timeless allure of French toile. I’ve drawn inspiration from the scenic villages of Brittany, France, that I visited, which is filled with hydrangeas and famous for its Toile de Fleurie. This collection invites you to explore the beauty of quaint European hamlets. My background in design, a deep appreciation for traditional craftsmanship, and my love for travel led to the creation of this collection, where artistry meets sustainability,” she tells us.

The uniqueness of the Brittany Collection lies in its dedication to preserving heritage craftsmanship. Each piece is a testament to the design skill where the classic toile pattern blends with modern design elements to present you with a line of statement serveware. It’s a harmonious blend of tradition and innovation, 
offering a fresh perspective on timeless elegance.

<em>Faaya Brittany Collection</em>
Faaya Brittany Collection

Taking us through the design process, Falguni says, “Our design process is a collaborative effort involving my design team and a team of skilled artisans. It began with conceptualisation, a phase that took several months to refine, ensuring it captured the essence of toile. Artisans skilled in intricate hand embroidery and block printing were vital to the process. It took approximately three months to craft this remarkable collection.”

The collection is handcrafted by Indian artisans using food-grade safe iron and lacquer for the print. The colour palette is a delicate interplay of bleu (blue) and blanc (white), selected to evoke a sense of tranquility and sophistication.

“This collection seamlessly blends aesthetics with utility. It features a variety of products, including a cake stand, marble cheese platter, a variety of serving platters, salad bowls, and more adorned with the toile print, as well as cheese knives and serving spoons. Each piece will elevate your dining and entertaining experiences,” she adds.

Price starts at Rs1,600.
Available online.


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