Ellementry's new collection is a unique expression of craftsmanship

The two new collections — Niraan and Kifa — epitomise sustainable living and conscious design

Ellementry, a homegrown  brand  of  lifestyle  products, has introduced two new collections, Niraan and Kifa, a celebration of nature and sustainability.

Handcrafted with the belief that what looks good, also does good, Ellementry products are a study 
in craftmanship. Each piece not only looks unique but can uplift your home’s aesthetics and are utility pieces as well.

On the inspiration behind the collections, Ayush Baid, founder of the brand, tells us, “Niraan comes from the earthy tones and textures of terracota, enhanced with cane stitch and bead embellishments, creating a connection to traditional craftsmanship. Meanwhile, Kifa, with its minimalist design, is a fusion of ecomix and glass. The soothing eggshell white hue, embodies the essence of simplicity and timeless elegance.”

These collections like their previous launches reflect the brand’s overall aesthetic and values, and epitomise sustainable living and conscious design. “Niraan’s handcrafted terracotta pieces resonate with our commitment to eco-friendly materials and artisanal craftsmanship. Conversely, Kifa’s subtle design harmonises with our pursuit of simplicity and enduring sophistication in home décor,” says Ayush.

The Niraan collection features a rich brown hue with cane stitch and bead embellishments, invoking an earthy warm and organic feel. In contrast, Kifa showcases an eggshell white hue, embodying simplicity and purity.   “Sustainability is woven into the fabric of Niraan and Kifa. Crafted with ecomix, terracotta, and glass, each piece exemplifies our commitment to the environment,” he says.
 For those who have adopted a sustainable way of life, these collections are great inclusions to their homes. 

While each piece in these two collections is a unique expression of craftsmanship, the  intricately embellished wooden beads on ecomix vases of Niraan and the understated elegance of Kifa’s round vases emerge as distinctive signatures. Also, the Kifa vases with both ecomix and glass material reflect the art of fusion. 

“These pieces encapsulate the essence of our collections, reflecting both diversity and coherence in our design philosophy,” adds Ayush.

Price starts at Rs 1,190.
Available online.


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