Temple Town launches its latest console collection

Bring sophistication into your foyer and make a memorable first impression with these console tables

Console tables, the slim perches for your art, objects and decorative mirrors, are the ‘show-off’  for your home. Temple Town, based in Thrissur, Kerala, renowned for their custom-made furniture crafted from responsibly sourced and recycled Indian teak, has introduced their latest console collection. These distinctive furniture pieces are deeply rooted in tradition and are environmentally sustainable.

Inspired by tradition, the brand crafts designs that embody Indian ethos while maintaining global appeal and sustainability. The sophisticated console collection seamlessly integrates meticulous attention to detail with a refined aesthetic sensibility. They are traditional yet contemporary, and effortlessly enhance spaces, lending an impeccable and inviting ambience.

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Infused with essential aesthetics and functional design, these consoles serve as ideal platforms for displaying photos or collectibles. Placing these modern console tables near entrances or in narrow corridors instantly enhances the visual appeal of any space. Additionally, they can be employed as sculptural art pieces, adding a touch of opulence to expansive living areas.

Meera Pyarelal, founder and interior designer of the brand, tells us that her design philosophy has always remained a mix of Indian and European styles from a period perspective. “I believe it is something that is constant in every project. Our consoles are a reflection of elegance and modernism inspired to bring a sense of style to different corners of your home.”

<em>Temple Town</em>
Temple Town

She has used teak wood, cane, and textured wood for the furniture range. “We use responsibly and locally sourced wood that is custom-made in our workshops by a local craftsman. I think wood is one of the best materials to work with. Not only does it add a little bit of a natural element to the home but it also justifies our design philosophy of Indian meets European style,” she says. 

The console collection effortlessly exudes magnificence, showcasing refinement, chic elegance, and arresting design. Celebrating the timeless beauty of wood and cane, the pieces exhibit unique forms and impeccable workmanship.

“The use of bold colours like in our royal blue console in its evergreen shape and wooden handles is a product where we have shaped the balance between classic and contemporary designs. We work with intricate crafting and finishing, which is how we maintain the right balance for two different moods,” says Meera. The brand also offers a wide range of bespoke services, from one-off furniture to designing the interiors of an entire home or apartment — from elegant cushions, and antique replicas to handsome homewares, light fixtures, and more. “We believe every house has its own story and we make it possible for the clients to envision that story by adding their own personal touches. Customisation is always the missing personal touch your home needs to feel like you have designed it yourself and my team of fine craftsmen helps create this story for our clients,” she adds.

Price on request. Available online.