Transform your home with these wallpaper range

This new collection of wallpapers seamlessly blends traditional motifs with modern sensibilities
India Circus wallpaper
India Circus wallpaper

Wallpapers have a remarkable ability to transform spaces. They are the quickest and simplest way to add colour, shape, and character to your home. India Circus has launched its new collection of wallpapers that seamlessly blends traditional motifs with modern sensibilities.

We talk to Krsnaa Mehta, an authority on décor and the design director of the brand, to know more about the same.

India Circus wallpaper
The Parijata Design Collection is a tribute to Odisha’s enduring bond between people, environment, and destiny
India Circus wallpaper
India Circus wallpaper

Q. What inspired the designs?

As our brand name suggests, we derive our inspiration from India’s diversity. The tropical evergreen rainforests of the Western Ghats inspire the newest range of which Blooming meadow is a part of. The boundary walls are inspired by terrace boundaries and jharokhas. Bird land paradise wallpaper is a literal paradise for bird and nature lovers. The inspiration is from the ever diverse biodiversity of Indian jungles and our cities. Similarly, Gray floral galore brings diversity and there’s just so much happening in these wallpapers that you just lose yourself while finding the nuanced details.

Q. What materials are used?

They are printed on high-quality glossy, non-woven papers, which are moisture resistant, durable and easy to clean.

India Circus wallpaper
Mexicola Collection: A fusion of Cuban spirit and Indian design inspiration

Q. What are the trends in home décor that these wallpapers align with?

Walls are a canvas of your personality and wallpapers are colours for you to paint. The vibrant and lively colours create a playful area, filled with life and zest. The geometric shapes enhance the room by creating boundaries, while bold patterns grab attention and still can blend easily if you style your home accordingly. Floral wallpapers create a magical rhythm. Home décor is an ever evolving trend, and wallpapers fit effortlessly in every trending style, be it art décor or bohemian, there’s always a wallpaper to suit each taste. Wallpapers can create depth. We now see people using them even on the ceilings to create an effect of broadness.

Price on request. Available online.

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