This new collection pays homage to the intricacy of Parsi embroidery

Designed to bring Indian heritage closer home, FA Home presents its newest collection, Gara Odyssey
This new collection pays homage to the intricacy of Parsi embroidery

It was while conducting extensive research on diverse Indian textile traditions that Chandrika Thatai, founder of FA Home, stumbled upon the rich and intricate motifs associated with Parsi embroidery.

Further research and she was drawn to replicate those styles in one of the collections by the brand and that is precisely what inspired Gara Odyssey. We speak to Chandrika about some of the creative processes behind the collection, the fabrics used and lots more.

Tell us a little about how you came across gara embroidery and what efforts you have put in place to revive it.

The inspiration behind the collection stems from a desire to preserve and promote India’s rich textile heritage, combined with a contemporary twist to make it relevant and appealing to modern audiences. Thus, to revive Parsi gara embroidery, we collaborated with skilled artisans, conducted workshops to train new artisans and sourced authentic materials to ensure the highest quality.

Tell us a little about the key elements associated with Parsi embroidery.

The key elements of Parsi embroidery include intricate floral and bird motifs, fine silk threads and detailed needlework that creates a textured and luxurious finish, often depicting nature-inspired themes.

Pieces from the collection
Pieces from the collection
This new collection pays homage to the intricacy of Parsi embroidery
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What are some of the best pieces that are a must-have?

The mosaic tapestry is a subtle duvet with fine embroidery which can compliment most interiors and add little hints of vibrant hues to the room. The silken duvet quilt has beautiful traditional and modern patterns which makes it a very unique and elaborate piece. Also, cushions like simurgh and avian floral are unique and detailed with embroidery.

What are the different fabrics used in this collection?

We have used a variety of high quality fabrics such as cotton and cotton blends, linen and cotton silk — all chosen for their ability to showcase detailed embroidery work while ensuring comfort and elegance.

Have you started working on your next collection yet?

Yes, we have started conceptualising our Cushion Edit, which will continue to explore and celebrate traditional Indian crafts, incorporating new themes and techniques to keep our offerings fresh and innovative.

INR 1,499 onwards. Available online.


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This new collection pays homage to the intricacy of Parsi embroidery
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