Kolkata-based trainer Yash Agarwal charts out fitness regimens based on five professions

Are you a doctor, teacher, entrepreneur, model or an IT junkie? Learn how to stay fit and be healthy with these simple steps
Yash Agarwal
Yash Agarwal

Kolkata-based fitness trainer Yash Agarwal curates specialised fitness programmes based on your occupation. While every person has different BMI, metabolism and medical conditions, Yash shares some quick tips to stay fit, considering the age group to be around 30 to 35 years since this is the most active part of our lives and needs the most attention to stay fit.


Doctors, we know have the most erratic schedule of all the professionals, since we never know when they will be needed in case of emergency. However, that shouldn’t stop them from staying fit. After all, if our Docs are not healthy, who will take care of us?

•    Take 45mins of brisk walk twice or thrice every week, to begin with. 
•    Opt for Karate training, once a week. 
•    Have a regular fitness regimen which can include cardio exercises like swimming, squats, push-ups, crunches, planks and the likes. 
•    Rowing can help them by giving them a full body work-out without having to spend time doing various exercises for different body areas.


Of all the professions, teachers are supposed to have the most disciplined lifestyle. They have fixed working hours and they can manage to take time out to keep themselves healthy and fit. 

•    Three hours of work out every week which can include activities like climbing stairs, meditation and yoga or even Zumba, depending on your age and personality. While these activities can be done at home, but it is always advisable to seek help from professionals, since no two people are the same and neither are their problems and metabolism rate.


Agreed, that entrepreneurs have a very hectic schedule, with a day packed with meetings, offices and some desk job. Even though you might always be on the run, but that doesn’t assure you good health.

•    Engage in 20-30 minutes of Cardio, to begin with, followed by 30-35 minutes of weight training for an average-aged entrepreneur with no medical history. 
•    Regular work-out is very important for everyone but for entrepreneurs, working out should be a part of their everyday timetable. Include exercises like chest press, squats, lateral pull-down, lunges, shoulder press for a complete workout of the triceps. Whereas, push down, close grip bench press bicep and reverse curl will be a good work out options for strong biceps.
•    Since most entrepreneurs end up having junk food or no food at all for a long time, the stomach is one of the most problematic areas for them. Keep your stomach in perfect shape by trying out crunches to begin with followed by planks (regular and side plank) leg raises to keep your stomach area in perfect shape. However, professional help is suggested. 

Models and Actors

Unlike other professions, models and actors cannot stop at staying just healthy. They need to be healthy, strong and in proper shape as well. 

•    Engage in Structural Compound Movement Exercises like Deadlift, squats, lunges, lateral pull-down (both narrow & wide grip), bent over row, chest press with barbells an dumbells, push press for the upper body. While working out on a leg curl machine, doing calf raises and hip thrust will strengthen their lower body and keep their legs and lower body in perfect shape. Biceps curls, reverse and hammer curl will ensure strength and a well-toned biceps and close grip bench press, triceps press will give them a perfect 10, triceps. 
•    To ensure a strong core and well-toned stomach proper crunches with side planks and regular planks can be a great start.

IT Professionals

If you are in a profession like IT, where you have to spend half your life (sometimes more than that) sitting on the same chair staring at the same screen, you need a fitness program more than anyone else. 

•    To begin with, get up from your seat, every 40-45 mins, stretch your spine by doing some stretches, neck rotations, shoulder rotations and back-stretches. It is also advisable to take a quick walk break. 
•    Walk in your office room for 2 mins every 1 hour to keep your body in shape and functioning properly.
•    Make sure you allow some time for a proper work-out of at least 20-25mins every day. Begin with Cardio-exercises like Cross Training, Rowing, swimming or even cycling followed by free hand exercises like freehand push-ups, squats, planks, crunches, jumping jacks and burpees for an overall workout.
•    Aside from working out, try to break up with all the fried foods and sugary shakes and juices. Instead, choose fresh salads and juices with no added sugar. It is difficult to give up on your favourite foods, but staying fit and healthy is as important as eating delicious food. You can have cheat days, but that cannot be for 7days a week.

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