Discipline is the key to health: Sanjay Dutt

We catch up with the actor at the launch of his whiskey brand — The Glenwalk — to talk health, fashion and more… 
Discipline is the key to health: Sanjay Dutt
Discipline is the key to health: Sanjay Dutt

The Glenwalk, a three-year-old, blended hard-beverage produced in Scotland, has been introduced into the Indian market recently by Sanjay Dutt, an actor who has always been known for his retrosexual style and taste.  Partnering with his friend entrepreneur Mokksh Sani, Sanjay was completely amazed when he first heard about the launch of this premium product at a competitive price for the Indian market.

“When Mokksh initially recommended this to me, I was ecstatic and I knew this drink is going to lift everyone’s spirits and I was excited to join hands with them,” begins the actor as we catch up with him to talk about fitness, his sense of fashion and lots more at the recently-held official launch of the beverage. 

How do you manage to stay healthy?

Well, you’ve got to stay disciplined. You have to get your priorities right in life and you have to be a positive thinker and continue to stay positive all your life. That’s the only way. 

How would you define your sense of fashion?

Fashion is something that I feel is simply amazing but you need to create your own fashion for yourself. You gotta be YOU! I always try to maintain myself with wearing what I feel suits me the best. I love wearing blue jeans with a white shirt and probably with some nice boots, that is my go-to style, always! 

What pairs best with a good whiskey, The Glenwalk, for example?

I enjoy my whiskey with two cubes of Ice. It has to be just two cubes, not more, not less. So that you don’t lose the essence of the smooth whiskey taste. 


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