ThrivingAt13: Unique workouts across Bengaluru that can redefine how you approach your health goals

We list 13 workout routines that are all the rage in the city and are curated to meet your fitness goals in 2024
Photo Credits: Pexels
Photo Credits: Pexels

Our Garden City is known as one of India’s most health- and fitness-forward cities, but it is also a place where you can end up leading a redundant lifestyle with long working hours and weekends that never end. And if you are one of the many struggling behind the desk with backaches and constant fatigue, then this is for you.

In the last year, the city has seen multiple fitness studios open, offering unique workout routines that break the monotony of regular gym sets. Trade the tiresome bicep curls and dumbbell squats for upbeat workouts that train your body and your mind.

Strength training
Strength training, also known as resistance training, is an exercise program designed to build muscle strength using weights or resistance. Blackbx by Sheena Hinduja is a one-stop destination for all things related to fitness. Their one-of-a-kind boot camp studio combines the benefits of interval cardio with strength training, and the approximately 50-minute program has been designed to improve your cardiovascular health and strengthen your muscles. ₹850 onwards. At Kasturba Road.

<em>Strength Training</em>
Strength Training

Tai Chi
Hailing from the ancient Chinese tradition, Tai Chi is a graceful, free-flowing form of exercise that could aptly be described as moving meditation or poetry in motion. It is meditative and is also used to improve balance, lower blood pressure, mend disturbed sleep patterns, boost energy levels, increase stamina, and enhance cardiac and pulmonary fitness. At Vital Force Taichi Academy By Cicily Thomas, this exercise form puts minimal stress on muscles and joints making it safe for all ages and fitness levels. They say, if you can walk, you can Taichi! ₹7,000 onwards. At Indiranagar.


Belly dance 
This intriguing art form is now performed by individuals of various ages, shapes and sizes around the world. Through belly dancing, one can strengthen their core, increase flexibility, and develop graceful and fluid body movements. Belly dancing will also help you in ways that go beyond your physical health, like boosting your self-esteem, re-establishing mental and physical alignment, and encouraging self-love. Professional oriental belly dancer Deepa Naidu who owns Deepa Naidu’s School of Belly Dancing is your go-to person for this beautiful art form. ₹4,999 onwards. At Vijayanagar.

<em>Belly Dance</em>
Belly Dance

Created by Joseph Pilates 100 years ago, pilates has something for everybody. Although the workout form requires specific equipment for practice, the sets are designed to build strength in the muscles, a strong spine, and capacious lungs, are gentle on the joints, and help improve balance and flexibility. Besides improving physical fitness, Pilates also brings awareness to yourself and instills mindfulness and concentration. Aatma Pilates Studio by Ramya's is where you need to head for a great Pilates workout. ₹4,500 onwards. At Vittal Mallya Road.


Bungee straps
With the ability to support up to 154 kg, these straps are unique because people of all fitness levels can use them. Aimed to target the core, this component contributes to excellent weight reduction and toning outcomes that many fitness enthusiasts desire. You can find TRX and bungee straps at Breakthrough Studio. ₹8,075 onwards. At Frazer Town.

<em>Bungee straps</em>
Bungee straps

Hatha Yoga
The workout is frequently regarded as a fundamental practice that offers a strong framework for other yoga postures. Classes in Hatha combine breathing techniques, yoga, usually static postures, and occasional meditation. Originating from the Sanskrit terms 'ha', which means Sun, and ‘Tha,’ which means 'Moon' that represents the equilibrium of conflicting forces. Hit Yoga Yoga Therapy Centre by Hitesh Aras offers hatha yoga and ashtanga ₹​3,000 onwards. At Basaveshwar Nagar.

<em>Hatha Yoga</em>
Hatha Yoga

Barre workouts
Barre sessions focus on the lower body and core, improving strength and flexibility from the ankles up to the calves, knees, thighs, glutes, and abdominals. Holding muscles in contraction for a lengthy amount of time typically causes them to shake when they weary. New York’s beloved Barre Workout at Physique 57 by Mallika Tarkas Parekh, which takes inspiration from ballet, has now opened in the city. ₹​1,100 onwards. Vittal Mallya Road.


Shuffle dance
Shuffle dancing has gained significant popularity in India in recent years, thanks to its myriad advantages that enhance coordination and promote agility and balance. The rhythmic footwork provides an excellent cardiovascular workout while serving as a creative outlet, besides boosting mood and reducing stress. You can experience the thrill of shuffle dancing at Motley Dance Company every evening from 7.30 p.m. onwards. At Indiranagar.

<em>Shuffle Dance</em>
Shuffle Dance

It’s everyone’s dream to be able to move with both flexibility and strength and X-sense—an interpretative dance form workout — gives you a strong lower body and core to achieve that. Learn choreography while you unwind to the music, as this amalgamative exercise routine helps your body flow and soothes your mind simultaneously. Train at Flux-X—strengthening your legs, back, and abs with an X-sense session that incorporates elements of jazz, modern dance, lyrical dance, classical ballet, and other such disciplines. ₹​ 50,000 for 300 hours. At Indiranagar.

<em>X- Sense</em>
X- Sense

Aerial yoga
Well-known as anti-gravity yoga or flying yoga, this unique form of exercise incorporates the use of a hammock or silk fabric suspended from the ceiling. The practitioner performs traditional yoga poses while partially or fully supported by the hammock, allowing for a combination of yoga and aerial acrobatics. It can reduce spinal pressure and aid in better alignment, stability, and fortification of the core. Aerial yoga exercises at Breathe Wellness by Shahnaz Hanif are quite the rage. ₹​800 onwards. At JP Nagar.

<em>Aerial Yoga</em>
Aerial Yoga

Calisthenics is a type of strength training that uses a range of motions, primarily using body weight or some equipment, to work large muscle groups. A never-before-seen combination of strength and mobility training is offered by callisthenics plus yoga. Exercises in callisthenics only use your body weight where no equipment is needed. Again, they mostly use their body weight as resistance, but they can also use pull-up bars and Roman chairs for body weight dips at Bohofit. ₹5,499 onwards. At HSR Layout.


Indian Functional Training 
People who enjoy sports, martial arts, kickboxing, and weight training are believed to benefit from Indian Functional Training since it promotes flexibility and upper-body strength. These exercises allow the muscles to be worked in a greater range of motion, which strengthens the shoulders and, more importantly, will have a positive effect on your mind too. A line of modular, adjustable mugdar equipment with interchangeable grips was launched by Rishabh Malhotra, owner of Tagda Raho, recently. ₹3,999 onwards. At Ulsoor.

<em>Indian Functional Training</em>
Indian Functional Training

Capoeira dance
Capoeira, a vibrant art form rooted in Afro-Brazilian heritage, has found its home in the city. Blending culture and athleticism, it teaches dance, music, and acrobatics, fostering creativity and discipline. For those eager to embark on this exhilarating journey, join Capoeira Dance Academy on Mondays and Wednesdays starting at 6.30–7.30 pm to avail themselves of the benefits of this dance-martial art. ₹4,500 onwards. At Indiranagar.

Capoeira dance
Capoeira dance

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