When was the last time you connected with your inner child?

We all have an inner child, but sadly most of us have lost touch with it.
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Inner Child Therapy is a powerful tool for releasing deep emotional trauma or wounds, distress, and other issues of the childhood that if not addressed, can lead to lifelong unhappiness. Internationally acclaimed Canadian Inner Child Therapist Claude Simard talks to us about the therapeutic benefits of connecting with our inner child.

We have long known that our childhood shapes us. Research has shown a link between childhood experiences and how we fare later in life. Unresolved childhood trauma can burden us as adults.

Lately, there has been a growing interest in Inner Child Therapy — a type of psychotherapy that focuses on assisting individuals in healing from childhood trauma and cultivating a positive relationship with their inner child.

Internationally acclaimed Inner Child Therapist Claude Simard has been helping people from all around the world to reconnect with their younger selves and recover from different kinds of physical and emotional issues.


What is inner child therapy and what does it involve?
Children have very high energy and sensitivity which allows them to sense things that grown ups can’t. Children also have healing energy within themselves. So when people reconnect with this part of themselves, it gives them a better chance to be healthy and energetic. Children know how to deal with emotions and express themselves freely. They don’t keep things bottled down or stay with negativity for long. But adults tend to bottle up all kinds of emotions. This makes them agitated and disturbed. Connecting with our inner child keeps us connected to our vitality, playfulness and wonder. 

So how can we reconnect with our inner child?
Before you start the reconnection, you should be aware that a lot of hidden emotions may come to the surface. Sometimes people see things they are not ready to look at – neglect, losing a parent to illness, dealing with poverty or divorce, being sexually abused, beaten and other things. In that case I suggest you start with a guided group session to help you connect with your inner child. While meditating visualise yourself as the child, be the child. Call yourself, using the name your parents used for you at this age. Speak kindly and let them know you love them. Create a safe space. You can then start asking questions about what you want to know.

Inner Child Therapist Claude Simard
Inner Child Therapist Claude Simard

People who are going through a hard time emotionally and want to improve their lives can benefit from inner child work

Claude Simard

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Who are the people who can benefit from inner child therapy?
People who are going through a hard time emotionally and want to improve their lives can benefit from inner child work. Most people who come to be feel lost and are looking for guidance. 

You are also a dream analyser. Why are dreams important?
Dreams are an expression of your deep unconsciousness. The unconscious has all kinds of information. Everything in your dream is you.   

Some people struggle to remember their dreams while some have a clear recollection. Why?
Everyone dreams every night. People who don’t attach any importance to their dreams tend to forget their dreams easily. If you wish to remember your dream spend some time meditating before your bed time. This will help you reconnect with your deep self. Then say to yourself using your voice, ‘now I am ready to listen to my dreams.’ This will bring the unconscious into action and send a signal to the mind to record your dream. Then go to sleep. If you tend to forget your dream, keep a piece of paper and a pen to record your dream as soon as you wake up. You can even say a few key words from the dream to yourself.

Why do we have recurring dreams?
Recurring dreams are messages that are trying to come to the surface and get your attention. These dreams come over and over again till you get the message. If you analyse the dream in your meditation and acknowledge the message then the dream will stop.  

Are bad dreams a sign?
Bad dreams are generally good. Nightmares are the best dreams to work on. When you see yourself scared, running, hiding or being chased it’s a generally a sign that you are scared of something happening in your life. It’s a powerful energy.  

Meditation is a tool to connect with your inner child.
Meditation is a tool to connect with your inner child. Photo Credit: Unsplash
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A lot of people would like to start meditating but they are unable to focus. How does one start?
When you meditate try to feel your heart beating inside your body. Your heart is the first organ to manifest life. When you focus on your heart beat you start to connect with your life energy. Then visualise the places you went to during the day – your office, a friend’s home, etc. Then say to yourself ‘I call on my energy.’ So the unconscious will pull all the energy back to the self, leaving the place you were in. Then visualise the people you were in contact with. As humans we feel emotions for the people we meet and share our life with. Then say the words, ‘I let go of people’s energy.’ Hear your voice every time you say things to your consciousness. After this your mind will become much more stable and quiet because you are surrounded by your own energy. 

How do you know that it’s working?
Meditation is like food. Like you need to eat every day, you need to meditate and stay in touch with your inner child. When you start meditating the mind comes back into the body and rebalances things. You feel at peace and less stressed. Meditation is like cleansing the consciousness. 

Note: While Inner Child Therapy can be a powerful tool for healing, it can also be challenging and emotionally intense. Guidance of a skilled therapist is highly recommended.

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