How to make the perfect mango dish: Recipes from Chef Vikash Prasad of The Westin, Kolkata

Before the mango season gets over, executive chef of The Westin Kolkata, chef Vikash Prasad shares two easy mango recipes with Indulge
Executive chef, Vikash Prasad, The Westin Kolkata
Executive chef, Vikash Prasad, The Westin Kolkata

Chef Vikash Prasad, an ever smiling and articulate individual, who is the executive chef of The Westin Kolkata, Rajarhat has always some advice up his sleeve whether it's gourmet food or healthy cooking. When it comes to mango, Prasad has mastered the art of cooking the king of fruits, raw or ripe. So, before the season of mangoes is gone, the chef gives the readers of Indulge some useful tips on how to cook it right, raw or ripe, and two easy-to-make mango recipes. Enjoy the goodness of mangoes before the season ends.

What one must keep in mind while cooking a dish with Mango?

If you are cooking with raw mango wash it very well. Trim the stem part and remove the core of stem from the flesh as it contains oils which cause stomach upset and heat boils due to the presence of a toxin called Ürushiol, the same deadly toxin found in Poison Ivy. One must add the raw mango towards the end of cooking since that will negate the breakup of acid, thereby preventing the dish from turning bitter.

While making chaat or chutney with raw mango, do not peel the fruit in advance, otherwise the sharp flavor will be gone. If a pickle is being made with raw mango, dry it completely before marinating with pickling spices and mustard oil, this will prevent spoilage. Raw mango pickle should not be consumed for than two months from its making as the pickle becomes very sour. While cooking with ripe mango, ensure they are not ripened using calcium carbide since that is carcinogenic. If ripe mango is cooked in fire, no other acidic ingredients should be added, use brown sugar instead of white polished sugar.

 What are the safe ways to cook Mangoes?

Please do not cook a mango dish in an aluminium, cast iron, copper or a brass container this will corrode the metal and lead to metal poisoning. Use certified non-acid reactive stainless steel / glass / glazed ceramic containers only.


Chilled Mango Cappuccino With Coconut Milk Foam
Chilled Mango Cappuccino With Coconut Milk Foam

Chilled Mango Cappuccino With Coconut Milk Foam


Diced fresh mangoes: 250 gm 

Orange juice: 100 ml 

Red pepper: 50 gm

Onion: 20 gm

Two medium garlic cloves, minced

Jalapeno pepper: 10gm

Fresh lime juice:  3 tablespoons

Salt and freshly ground black pepper

Coconut milk: 100ml

How to cook: Process mangoes, orange juice and oil in a blender or food processor until pureed. Transfer to a medium bowl, along with remaining ingredients. Season with salt and pepper to taste. Refrigerate until ready to serve. Blend coconut milk until it becomes frothy. Garnish the soup with the froth. 

Sauteed Fresh Mango With Vanilla Ice Cream
Sauteed Fresh Mango With Vanilla Ice Cream

Sauteed Fresh Mango With Vanilla Ice Cream


Vanilla ice cream: 250 gm

Fresh ripped mango: 4

Mango pulp:100 ml

Cinnamon powder: 2 gm

Granulated sugar: 20 gm

Two wafer sticks

Method: Cook mango pulp, sugar and cinnamon powder together. Cool down the sauce. Put three scoops of vanilla ice cream in a glass. Cut the fresh mango into cubes, put them on the top of the ice cream. Put some sauce on top of it and garnish with the wafer sticks. 

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