Chef Teuku shares his favourite Nasi Goreng recipe

Chef Teuku shares his favourite Nasi Goreng recipe

Being Indonesian doesn't stop the chef from filling up on meen polichatu and kozhi kuzhambu!

Chef Teuku Syafrulsyah’s journey with Hyatt began in his hometown of Jakarta, with years of travel through Dubai and Tanzania leading him to Park Hyatt Chennai, where he now works as Executive Chef. The globetrotting chef shares that one of his most unusual experiences came from a Bedouin village in Egypt. “They dig a hole in the sand, place hot coals and lay a wrapped marinated lamb on it, and top it with more charcoal. The hole is covered for three to four hours for slow cooking, depending on the size of the lamb!” he exclaims. Meanwhile, the chef is addicted to the flavour and spice of Indian cuisine, in the meen polichatu and kozhi kuzhambu in particular, and states that attending a communal temple wedding remains a highlight of his time in Chennai. The chef shares with us his favourite Indonesian fried rice recipe.  

For Sambal Tomat (mild): Red chilli seedless (400 gms), small red chilli (200 gms), seedless tomato wedges (750 gms), sliced garlic (100 gms), sliced shallots (200 gms), shrimp paste (30 gms), palm sugar (50 gms), lime juice (1 tbsp), vegetable oil (1 lt), salt (20 gms)

Main Ingredients: Steamed rice (250 gms), sliced chicken leg (50 gms), shrimps peeled (20 gms), sambal tomat (15 gms), egg (1), sliced spring onion (5 gms), chopped garlic (2 gms), sweet soy sauce (1 tbsp), salt and pepper

Serving condiments: Fried egg (1), shrimp crackers (20 gms), pickle (20 gms)


For Sambal Tomat: Heat oil in a heavy pan. Add garlic, shallots and sauté until golden. Add chillies and wait till they soften, before adding palm sugar and shrimp paste. Allow the sugar to caramelise. Finally, add tomatoes and cook until soft. Set aside to cool. Use a food processor to blend it to a coarse paste. Adjust seasoning with salt and lime juice.

Main dish: Heat vegetable oil in a wok. Fry the chicken and the shrimp, drain and set aside. Heat more oil and add the beaten egg and garlic and fry for a minute until golden. Add chicken and shrimp, and fry for a minute. Add rice, salt and sambal tomat. Increase to maximum heat, add sweet soy sauce and cook for three more minutes, while stirring continuously. Add spring onion and serve with all the condiments.

Tip: It is better to cook the rice at least an hour earlier and let it cool before use.

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