Amidst Scorpio season, new survey reveals what makes the zodiac sign stand out in the dating realm

Reportedly, Scorpio individuals are known for their alluring qualities

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The poll saw a remarkable 12 per cent of Scorpio responses. Scorpio's captivating charm, passion and fierce personality seem to have struck a chord with people in the dating scene.

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In the midst of the Scorpio season (Oct 23rd to Nov 21st), Happn, the real-life dating app unveiled its recent zodiac survey results that provide fascinating insights. According to findings, the Scorpio emerges as the most prominent and preferred zodiac sign, capturing the hearts of many singles.

The survey saw a remarkable 12 per cent of Scorpio respondents. Scorpio's magnetic charm, passion and intense personality seem to have struck a chord with those in the dating world. When it comes to compatibility, Scorpio ranks highly as the most compatible sign for others.

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Over 13 per cent of respondents found Scorpio the most intriguing crush, making it the top-choice zodiac sign among our users. Scorpio individuals are known for their alluring qualities, and here's a glimpse of what makes them stand out in the dating realm:

Scorpio Men: Enigmatic, assertive, and intensely passionate, Scorpio men exude an aura of mystery and excitement, making them irresistible to many.

Scorpio Women: With their fierce determination, sensuality, and unwavering loyalty, Scorpio women are often sought after for their unique blend of intensity and compassion.

To add an exciting celestial touch to the dating experience, the app has also introduced a new feature that allows users to showcase their astrological signs on their profiles. Now, users can connect with others who share their astrological preferences, adding an extra layer of compatibility to their matches.

The survey revealed that despite personal zodiac preferences, a significant portion (91%) of respondents are open-minded regarding relationships and would date someone with a less compatible zodiac sign. When asked about their belief about astrology's influence on relationships, 28 per cent strongly believed in astrology's impact on relationships, while 16 per cent stood firmly against it.

In conclusion, the stars have aligned to reveal Scorpio's undeniable charm and magnetism as the reigning zodiac sign in the dating world, marking the onset of Scorpio season with a cosmic flourish. This survey offers a captivating glimpse into the complexities of modern dating, where the stars may play a role, but the authenticity of connections reigns supreme.

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