Mental wellness coach Kanchan Rai shares tips to keep you mentally healthy

Licensed Mental Wellness Coach Kanchan Rai lists ways to combat mental health issues

author_img Farah Khatoon Published :  24th July 2020 12:00 AM   |   Published :   |  24th July 2020 12:00 AM

Mental health is important

Licensed Mental Wellness Coach Kanchan Rai though agrees that it’s difficult to read a distressing mind but stresses that it’s not impossible. Delhi-based Rai offers, “There are many small signs which indicate that the person is not in a healthy state of mind and that is where you have to act, make a note of it and try to figure out the reasons behind it. It is difficult to read a depressing mind but if that person is close to you or you have known him/her for a long time then it’s not that difficult.” She also stresses that one doesn’t need to go to a psychiatrist or take medical help if in the initial stages of depression.  

Listing a few causes, Rai, who recently started an online talk show Let Us Talk engaging celebrities like Yuvraj Singh, Shruti Hassan and Sonu Nigam, offers, “The pandemic and the subsequent restrictions have resulted in acute mental stress for many and it has put the spotlight back on mental health like never before. The financial, emotional and competitive situations, are some of the reasons that affect mental health.” A Harvard Business School graduate, who opted to become a coach four years ago after battling depression herself believes that there are definitive ways to overcome it. Here’s her five-pronged method that can help in combating the blues and keeping you mentally healthy. 

1. Start accepting yourself the way you are. We all have our flaws and we cannot excel in every field and be perfect. Once we start accepting that, the majority of our problems are sorted.

2. Following a routine is very important. It helps you set short-term goals and keeps you occupied in a healthy way.

3. Stay away from negative posts on social media or news feed as much as you can as they create a rumble of thunder in our mind which is not at all good for mental peace.

4. Indulge in activities that you enjoy doing. It can be exercise or cooking or simply listening to music.

5. Be yourself. Try to be authentic and natural and not be someone else.