Ten tips to guard against the deadly coronavirus

The only mantra is to stay proactive and make our body strong to fight the virus which is mutating fast

author_img F Khatoon Published :  21st May 2021 08:08 PM   |   Published :   |  21st May 2021 08:08 PM

Exercise is one of the ways to keep yourself fit

We have not yet recovered from the second wave that caused mass distress among us all and the third wave is looming large upon us. The only mantra is to stay proactive and make our body strong to fight the virus which is mutating fast. Adutiya Veer, managing director of Greater Noida-based Fitness-911 lists ten things that would help us fight the deadly virus. Check it out:

Get proper sleep: Sleep and immunity go hand in hand. Without adequate sleep, our hormonal balance is disrupted and naturally, our immunity levels take a hit for worse. Not just this brain fog is one of the biggest symptoms of inadequate sleep. Therefore, keep sleep on top of the priority list for your immunity.

Stay hydrated: Hydration means all your organs are working in harmony with each other and the oxygen levels are also kept in balance. Effects of dehydration will not only include slowing down our immune response to infections but also become one of the major reasons for diseases developing in our bodies.

Cut on smoking: If you are not a smoker, amazing, if you are, you are putting yourself at a higher risk of contracting diseases and infections. Cigarettes contain harmful chemicals in them which make them more and more addictive. Also, the harmful fumes of carbon compounds are carcinogenic in nature. Exactly after smoking, we are at the most vulnerable stage of catching respiratory diseases. Our lung capacity is weakened and our blood oxygen levels drop significantly.

Maintain a healthy weight: If you overload a car with people, it will burn more fuel and its efficiency will reduce including the early burnout of tires. Exactly in the same way if we do not maintain a healthy weight our body will be overworked in carrying around that extra weight, putting extra stress on our lungs and major muscles and also making us prone to chronic diseases and other infections.

Take a nutritious diet: A diet rich in fruits and vegetables will make sure that all the essential nutrients are reaching your body which are required by your immune system to work properly and also making sure that no extra weight is loaded by you. Make sure the fruits and vegetables are fresh and also most importantly in season. Cold storage products do more harm than anything.

Exercise regularly: Regular exercise not only keeps us fit but makes sure it keeps on giving our immune system the boost it needs naturally. Exercise means that our hormones are working regularly and our organs get a massage internally. You don’t need to be Hercules in this aspect, even 4 days of workout in a week gives all the benefits of a healthy person. Exercising strengthens lungs majorly, which also reverses the effects of smoking, tightening our immune system more and more.

Control alcohol intake: We have already discussed how to try and make our organs work more and more efficiently by making their task easier. Consumption of alcohol makes our liver and kidneys work hard by digesting and filtering it out of our body. Also, alcohol has no major health benefits as such. Therefore, its consumption must be limited or avoided completely for health’s sake.

Minimize stress: Try to avoid the negativity all around you. Limit your social media usage and news, since nothing happy or good is being reported these days. Practice meditation, read more books, spend time with loved ones and family. Avoid toxicity as much as you can.

Take basic precautions: Keep a check on what you touch and come in contact with while stepping out for necessary things. Keep your sanitisers handy, wash your hands frequently, wear a mask when outdoors as it not only prevents infections but also from pollution which affects your health otherwise. Gives our immunity a head start, if we do all these.

Get vaccinated: Now that we have the option of vaccines and we know its efficiency, it’s wise to get the jab asap. Vaccination is the only reliable long-term solution to this virus.