Here’s how you can boost your lymphatic drainage that helps release toxins from the body

We need to keep the lymphatic system drained well to avoid the toxin buildup and to allow the body to function well
Boost your lymphatic drainage
Boost your lymphatic drainage

The human body is very intelligent and it can detoxify itself on its own. The five eliminatory organs — lungs, liver, kidneys, colon and skin help to achieve this detoxification process by throwing away the toxins in the form of waste products, excretion, air, urine and sweat. These eliminatory organs perform this basic function regularly but when we keep abusing our body with unwanted food, alcohol, smoking or non-prescribed medical and conventional treatments, our organs start losing their ability. That’s when we have to assist our body in cleansing out the toxins as any disease doesn’t thrive in a deeply cleansed body.

So, how can we keep our body clean or detoxify it? It’s very simple but for that, we have to know everything about our body’s lymphatic system. The lymphatic system carries out toxins, waste and fluids from the tissues that need to exit the body. This system works well when there is physical movement. Walking, jumping, skipping, dancing or any physical activity will help in activating the lymphatic system and draining the toxins from the body. Apart from detoxification, our lymphatic system also helps with the transportation of fats and plays a major role in the immune response. It is the lymphatic system that allows WBCs to fight foreign invaders like germs, pathogens, bacteria, viruses, fungus, etc. That’s why we need to keep the lymphatic system drained well to avoid the toxin buildup and to allow the body to function well.

Apart from staying active, a good night’s sleep is also important because all the healing, repair, recovery and detoxification happens when the body is in rest mode. Many of us have noticed those puffy eyes, swelling on the face or bloating when we are sleep deprived. Another popular way of detoxifying the lymphatic system is by dry brushing. Dry brushing is a gentle massage procedure that can be done at home by using a natural wooden bristle brush. Start brushing gently from the feet to the knee area in upward long circular strokes. Follow it from knee to thigh, from palms to shoulders, and from neck to the chest in the downward direction. All movements have to be directed toward the heart which enhances blood circulation and allows the lymphatic drainage to flush out toxins.

In addition, also ensure balanced and cellular nutrition and emotional well-being to revive the body’s intelligence of healing and detoxification.

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