Paloma about town: New Year resolutions and a spot of shopping!

Goals for the year ahead are different from the usual

author_img Paloma Rao Published :  08th January 2021 07:00 AM   |   Published :   |  08th January 2021 07:00 AM

Nishat at The Folly

We all did our best to make our New Year’s break last as long as we could, but 2021 is well and truly here and with it, reality. It was a different vibe this NYE, a little more quiet than usual, with those who were back in good ol’ ‘Chen Chen’ choosing to stay home with family. Even the goals for the year ahead are different from the usual, with all of the uncertainty that surrounds us. Chatting with people and a few common topics emerge:

All around wellness
While this is normally the time for gym memberships and diet subscriptions, its good to see that mental health is being given as much importance as everyone’s physical well-being. Whether its apps to deal with stress and anxiety, or signing up with a wellness coach, its great to see a more comprehensive approach to the subject.

If there’s one thing this past year has thought us, its all the things we can do without. So whether its cutting down on unnecessary shopping or making eco-friendly choices, almost every single person I’ve spoken to is looking towards a more sustainable way of life.

Tech detox
With the amount of time we’ve collectively spent in front of screens this past year, a break from all the technology is not a bad idea. Designated ‘phone time’ to prevent us from mindlessly scrolling through ‘Insta’ yet again.


Shamshad at The Folly event


The first event of the year was a showcase at The Folly, by Anya from Coimbatore, known for their handcrafted saris and fabrics. Giving us a teaser were the beautiful invitations sent out, showing off bits and pieces of the collection, so no surprise that the ladies battled the rain to be there. Display-wise, things were kept neat and simple, allowing for the pieces themselves to do the talking. While the florals on tussar were my personal favourites, there were takers for the entire range, from the hand-painted organzas to the Kanchi silk saris, everyone was in the mood for something different. Almost no one left without a bag in hand, even those that dropped by just to ‘have a look’.