Paloma about town: Goodwill crafts and fashionable asks

Here's what we got up to in the city over the past week...
Aru, Reena, Shweta & Paloma
Aru, Reena, Shweta & Paloma

Shopping, eating, fashion, skincare, you name it, we had it this week. Opening its doors was yet another resto bar, ‘Zing’ at JP Hotel’s rooftop. Promising fabulous sunset views, the launch was a fun affair with popular faces all set to have a good time. They showcased quite a few of their specials, and a sampling of their cocktail and food menu. Crowd favourites were the crispy prawns and kozhi ghee roast. Everyone also loved the fact that the space would work well for romantic date nights as well as big celebrations. On the foodie trail, the next stop was at Millet Maagic Meal at Anna Nagar, where they opened their new outlet to much enthusiasm from us all. I, for one, love the ‘rasam rice’ (but made healthier with millets) one of my all-time faves. The event was not just a culinary celebration but also a gathering that brought together food enthusiasts from across genres. Chennai’s blogger brigade happily posed for photos, post which everyone got to tuck into a delicious meal. Quite a few people turned up in pretty traditional wear. Those of us who missed it, had major FOMO as we watched all of the fun unfold on Insta. Every delicious bite. Adhieswari, a passionate housewife, never imagined that her love for cooking would lead her to become the co-founder of Millet Maagic Meal and make such a big impact.

<em>Rugil at Millet Maagic Meal</em>
Rugil at Millet Maagic Meal

FICCI FLO’s Spark Festive Edit, a cultural celebration showcasing diversity and inclusivity, was a blend of tradition, artistry and entrepreneurship. Besides a range of specially curated options for people to shop from, the highlight was the fashion show with a diverse group of people walking the runway. FLO’s Diversity and Inclusiveness (DNI) vertical team also  collaborated with the IPD Orthopedic Department of Andhra Mahila Sabha to organise a stall showcasing products created by people with special needs. This initiative aimed to spotlight the skills and creativity of these talented individuals, offering a glimpse into the capabilities of those with diverse abilities.

<em>Rachana at the FICCI event</em>
Rachana at the FICCI event
<em>Drishti at the kaunch of Mantra in Phoenix MarketCity</em>
Drishti at the kaunch of Mantra in Phoenix MarketCity

There was more shopping to be had at the launch of Mantra, the women’s designer clothing brand by Shalini James launched at Phoenix MarketCity. Mantra’s vision is to not only celebrate India’s hand-crafted textile heritage but also to revive, sustain, and elevate it. This has led the brand to collaborate with skilled textile artisans from craft destinations across India. The ladies loved their new collections Finding Walden and Mission Malabar, the former a remarkable journey from  Phulia to   Mangalgiri, and from Sanganer to Masulipatnam and the latter an ode to the illustrious 150-year history of the handloom industry in the Malabar regions of Kerala. Shalini James played host, in a beautiful sari herself, giving us more details on the different pieces. 

<em>Saraswati at the opening of Zing</em>
Saraswati at the opening of Zing
<em>Rubeena at the launch of Skinora</em>
Rubeena at the launch of Skinora

The final stop was at Skinora for the launch of their flagship location at Rutland Gate. Chennai’s pretty faces turned up bright and early, excited to check out the new space. Doing the honours were chief guests, Kalaippuli S Thanu and actor and producer Thiagarajan Sivanandam. 

My week ended catching up with Shweta Mahtani and the team behind Elemental Stories for a sneak peek of what’s on offer at the upcoming pop-up. Over healthy bites, we discussed how sustainability has become the word of the hour. Shweta couldn’t be more pleased about people taking the initiative to go greener. We’re looking forward to lots of fun at the big event later this month.

<em>Infinity Mirrored Room at NMACC, Mumbai</em>
Infinity Mirrored Room at NMACC, Mumbai

Paloma's pick:

This week’s pick is the ‘Infinity Mirrored Room’ at NMACC in Mumbai by Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama. A sight to behold, and indeed ‘a universe of breathtaking optical illusions and endless imagination’.

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