Turn your mangoes into Kulfi Candies with Chef Shivneet Pohoja’s recipe

Give your fleshy and juicy mangoes the twist of a candy

author_img F Khatoon Published :  13th July 2020 07:01 PM   |   Published :   |  13th July 2020 07:01 PM

Aam Papad Kulfi Candy

Every year mangoes nudge us to make innovative recipes in our kitchen. From adding it into our payesh or firni to layering it over our delicately baked cakes, the fleshy tropical fruit adds a new twist to our recipes, every time. And just to add to your creativity, Chef Shivneet Pohoja - ITC Grand Bharat, Gurugram, shares a delicious recipe of Aam Papad Kulfi Candy. Try it at home.


Aam Papad Kulfi Candy

Ingredients | Quantity

B Natural Ratnagiri Mango Juice 1 Lit

Salt ½ pinch

Amchoor Powder 1 Tsp

Refined oil Few Drops

Icing sugar 1 Tsp

Full Fat Milk 1 Liter

Jaggery Powder 2 tbsp

Saffron Few Strands

Elaichi Powder 1 pinch

Rose water 1 Tsp

Apple chopped Fine 1Tbsp

Cherry Slices 1Tbsp

Mango chopped fine 1Tbsp

Almond chopped 1Tbsp


Preparation Method:

1. Pour the B Natural Ratnagiri Mango Juice in a fry pan and place on medium heat. Cook and reduce

to 1/3 of its original quantity

2. Rub oil onto a smooth ceramic platter

3. Remove mango juice from the flame and add in salt and amchoor powder and mix well. Once cool,

pour the reduced mango juice onto the platter and place in a warm dry place to dry for 2-3 days

4. Once the aam papad is ready, remove from the platter and cut into 3-4 inch squares

5. Use icing sugar to prevent sticking to each other or the work surface

6. To prepare the kulfi, boil the milk over a slow flame in a thick bottom pan

7. Once the milk is reduced to half add in the jaggery, eliachi powder and saffron

8. Reduce further till thick and creamy, switch off the flame and add in the rose water, stir and cool

9. Add chopped fruit and almonds to the kulfi mix and Pour the kulfi mix into an ice cube tray and set

in the fridge till frozen

10. Once frozen, remove from the ice tray and place each cube of kulfi over the prepared aam papad

sheets and wrap like a candy