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Pemako Punakha luxury tented villa
The surrounding snow-capped mountains dotted with prayer flags, the indigenous fiery chillies, the peach wines, and dishes made with homemade cheeses -- all these and more make Bhutan a unique place ...
Top of the Mountain (L) & Ema Datshi
The all-day diner at this Newtown hotel is running a Bhutanese food fest, and we were there to grab a bite.
Bhutan launches Druk Neykor programme
This programme is a pilgrimage travel programme, and the sites are selected based on their sacredness, historical significance, easy accessibility and popularity among others
Photo Credit: Pexels
The country has also reduced the Sustainable Development Fee (SDF) to USD 100, and increased flight options to improve travel convenience
Image Credits: Pexels
If Shahid Kapoor's recent vacation to Bhutan has got you planning your next trip, these are the places you should not miss out on
Image Credits: Instagram
The power couple was last in the news when they bought their latest acquisition, a chic Mercedes–Maybach GLS 600, in December
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