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Hugh Jackman (Photo: IANS)

Hollywood star Hugh Jackman shuts down his New York cafe, in line with official orders 

Hollywood star Hugh Jackman has shut down his NYC café for the duration of the COVID-19 crisis, in line with orders from city officials.

Published on 19th March 2020
Ryan Reyolds (Yonhap/IANS)

Ryan Reynolds sings a cheeky, high-pitched song for Hugh Jackman's 51st birthday

Hollywood star Ryan Reynolds sang a high-pitched cheeky birthday song for Australian actor Hugh Jackman, who celebrated his 51st birthday.

Published on 13th October 2019

Hollywood's top three celebrities who love to play cricket

Just this summer, such personalities as Ed Sheeran, Mick Jagger, and Charlie Watts were spotted while watching matches in the UK

Published on 23rd September 2019
Combination photo: Hugh Jackman, Common, Priyanka Chopra Jonas (AP Photo)

Priyanka, Hugh Jackman enlist in Global Citizen movement to frame global poverty in NatGeo series

Common, Priyanka Chopra Jonas and Hugh Jackman are enlisting in the Global Citizen movement.

Published on 24th July 2019

X Men Day tribute celebrates 20 years of the movie franchise

With Sophie Turner’s Dark Phoenix releasing on June 7, May 13 has been declared as the X-Men day by 20th Century Fox.

Published on 15th May 2019
#RIP Stan Lee: From Hugh Jackman to Sonam Kapoor, celebrities pay tribute to Marvel Comics' creator

#RIPStanLee: From Hugh Jackman to Sonam Kapoor, celebrities pay tribute to Marvel Comics' creator 

As the news broke, fans including celebrities from Hollywood as well as Bollywood have taken to the social media to share their thoughts on Lee's demise. 

Published on 13th November 2018

Hugh Jackman gets distracted by Priyanka Chopra at Golden Heart Awards and the picture has now gone viral

The X-Men star was busy talking to a friend when Priyanka Chopra came in his line of vision and the picture shows him completely distracted and busy looking at her.

Published on 20th October 2018

Hugh Jackman plays iconic superhero Wolverine one last time

Jackman dresses up in Wolf´s clothing and goes into a "far more human" role at wolverine.

Published on 24th February 2017

Dad is nothing like Wolverine, says Hugh Jackman’s son 

Hugh Jackman revealed that his son Oscar thinks he's nothing like the superhero film's leading character.

Published on 6th March 2017

March 3, 2017: Hugh Jackman on SPI Cinemas

Relative claws

Published on 7th March 2017
Hugh Jackman

It's easy to extrapolate out of critical world: Hugh Jackman

The 48-year-old Hollywood actor speaks about his upcoming movie Logan

Published on 28th February 2017

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